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Contractor4U:A Viable Marketing Platform for G1 and G2 Contractors

By Julai 31, 2020Disember 14th, 2022No Comments

The Contractor4U smartphone application is designed for homeowners and businesses seeking the services of CIDB-registered local contractors who specialise in the fields of air conditioning (M01), indoor plumbing (B10), electrical wiring (E04), tile (B13) and paintwork (B14), renovations (B28) and landscape work (B09).

An initiative by CIDB Malaysia, the application will provide convenience to the masses, and also the confidence that the contractor they choose is indeed skilled and fully able to do a good job. The app is hoped to reduce the tendency of the public from engaging the services of foreign and unregistered contractors . Contractor4U benefits the local contractors by increasing their accessibility to the community and improving their revenue streams.

Interested G1 and G2-grade local contractors offering the abovementioned services are encouraged to register their services on the app. Successful applicants will be given 10 CCD points and membership is free for the first 12 months.

Contractor4U is available nationwide, and customers can engage the services of the contractors that are closest to them. The app does not contain any pricing info, giving the customers and contractors the freedom to negotiate the final price of services rendered.

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Contractor4U:A Viable Marketing Platform for G1 and G2 Contractors - 605

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