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CIDB Introduces CIDB Enforcement Badge to Prevent Impersonation & Fraud

By Mac 31, 2022Disember 14th, 2022No Comments

CIDB warns contractors to be cautious of anyone impersonating CIDB Malaysia enforcement personnel.

CIDB Malaysia recently introduced the CIDB enforcement badge that are carried by appointed enforcement officers. The badge prevents acts of impersonation or fraud.

CIDB Malaysia Chief Executive, Datuk Ir. Ahmad ‘Asri Abdul Hamid, handed over the badge to CIDB enforcement officers at the Chief Executive’s Mandate Ceremony Year 2022. In addition to the badge, enforcement personnel were given CIDB Authority Cards with security elements to prevent the authority cards from being forged or transferred.

Only those who possess the CIDB enforcement badge and authority card can conduct enforcement work at construction sites under Act 520.

Construction industry players, especially contractors, are urged to be cautious and not be deceived by any individual claiming to be a CIDB enforcement officer. They must be especially vigilant if the purported enforcer asks for cash to settle compound payments for offences related to construction works. All compound payments must be made at the CIDB office or state branch.

Contractors who receive visits from suspected imposters are advised to take note of the impostor’s information such as full name, phone number, and office address and report the issue to CIDB immediately.

For more information, please get in touch with CIDB Careline at 03-5567 3300