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Pendapat & Perspektif

AI Advancements for Transformation in the Construction Industry

I routinely challenge whether our pursuits are practical or simply a whimsy to benefit visionaries.…
Pendapat & Perspektif

Menggabungkan Mesin Pintar dan Teknologi ‘Wearable’ Di Tapak Pembinaan

Innovation takes centre stage in the ever-evolving construction landscape as the industry embraces smart machinery…
Pendapat & Perspektif

Pertumbuhan Sederhana Dijangka Pada Suku Kedua dalam Sektor Pembinaan

MIDF Research has projected that the second quarter of 2023 will see moderate growth in…

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International Construction Week (ICW) 2023
Date: 15-17 November 2023
Venue: MITEC, Kuala Lumpur

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