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Construction Materials According to Act 520

The second thing that is emphasized in the amendment of Akta 520 Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB) is compliance with the building material standards that have been set. One of the provisions in the amendment is that construction materials must comply with certain mandatory standards. The objective is to ensure compliance with Malaysian Standards and to avoid the use of substandard products. However, not all building materials fall under enforcement. This makes CIDB one of the government agencies that monitor and enforce construction materials on the market.

There are policies (circulars and directives) that industry players need to be aware of as well as guides, directories and publications that will help in planning their work implementation from planning to implementation.

Adherence to standards can also reduce the dumping of substandard construction materials in Malaysia. Without control through domestic laws, producing countries can dump their cheap and low-quality building materials in Malaysia. Although Malaysia has an anti-dumping law, there is no legal framework to control standards and monitor the quality of building materials.

Currently, the Royal Malaysian Customs through the Customs (Prohibition on Import) Order 1998 under the Customs Act 1967 has prohibited the import of construction materials that do not comply with the standards set by the CIDB. However, this provision does not apply to locally produced building materials. Due to these two different standards, this amendment is important to prevent Malaysia from violating the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement by giving different treatment to imported and local goods.

All construction materials whose quality is regulated under the Akta 520 Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB) are listed in the Fourth Schedule. Anyone found using building materials specified in the Fourth Schedule without quality certification from CIDB, upon conviction, may be fined not less than RM10,000 but not more than RM500,000.

Local Product

Registration of Construction Materials & Products And Producers

Slide Seminar on Construction Materials-16 Dec 2015

Deformed Bar Marking According to MS 146:2014

Slide Seminar on Regulating Scaffolding to Mandatory Standard in Construction Industry

CIDB Certified Building Materials Register Book

Imported Products

Announcement of Imported Materials

  1. According to the procedures and conditions for the issuance of the Certificate of Approval (COA), under the Customs Order (Prohibition on Import), any building product/material that wants to be brought into this country must obtain Product Certification or pass a Full Type Test Report (FTTR ) from the producing country BEFORE SENDING TO THIS COUNTRY.
  2. Effective April 30, 2014 (Bill of Lading Date) any product that has arrived at the entrance of the country without one of the above documents, then the CoA application will not be processed by CIDB. Importers have to bear any implications that arise as a result of violating the terms.
  3. However, based on the existing policy set by MITI, the following products are given flexibility where the product can undergo testing when it has arrived in this country:
    • Iron & Steel (below 250 mt)
    • Float Glass, Fiber Cement Flat Sheet, Insulation Material and Radiant Barrier (from 31 January 2014 until 31 March 2014 only).
  4. Starting on 01 January 2015, the following products are enforced to require a COA under the Customs (Prohibition on Import) Order.
    • Low-E glass products require compliance with the EN 1096 Pt 4 standard for Hardcoat products
    • Low-E softcoat glass products require compliance with MS 1135/ MS 2397/MS 1498 standards
  5. Effective July 1, 2015, all Aluminum Composite Panel products for exterior and interior walls must comply with Standard MS 2571:2014
  6. Effective October 1, 2015, for "fire clay" products must comply with Standard MS 2578: 2014. After this no exception will be given.
  7. Latest Gazette Effective July 1, 2014 - Alloy and Steel (Schedule 4 of the Customs Order - Import Prohibition) - PUA 172-2014 - Every "3rd Party Lab" application, the inspection body MUST attach a "MILL CERTIFICATE" for Iron and Steel products.
  8. Enforcement of products under the Customs Order (prohibition on import) PU Gazette () 341/2013 gazetted on 19 November 2013 and enforced on 31 January 2014.
    • Float Glass
    • Insulation Materials
    • Radiant Barrier
    • Fibre Cement Flat Sheet
  9. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has decided effective January 31, 2014, the above products must obtain a Certificate Of Approval (COA) from CIDB as a condition of entry into the country. According to the instructions of MITI from 31 January 2014 to 31 March 2014, COA can be issued based on "Procedure 2 Months For New Gazzeted Products" as in (Appendix 1). Starting April 1, 2014, COAs will be issued based on the existing application procedure (refer to the COA application procedure on the CIDB website). All importers of related materials are requested to comply with these instructions.

Application for Certificate of Approval (COA)

This program is part of the Customs Act (Prohibition of Imports) Order 1988 Amendment 2003/2004 to ensure the quality of imported construction products. Construction materials listed in the Customs Act must have a Certificate of Approval (COA) from CIDB before the materials can be imported into Malaysia. The requirements to obtain a COA are based on the requirements phase of the Malaysian Standard (MS).

For more information, visit the following web links:

The following construction materials need to be certified with COA by CIDB:

 1 Ceramic Products

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Pipe and Pipe Fittings


MS ISO 13006

MS 1061, PART 1:1999


6907.10 100, 6907.90 100

6906.00 000

 2 Sanitarywares MS 147/ MS 1522/ MS 795 6010.10 900, 6010.10 200,
3922.90 110
 3 Iron and Steel Products  






4 *Flat fibre casting sheets, not containing asbestos
Roofing material, surface, lock flooring and tile partition wall containing plastic ceiling & others

MS 1296


6811.82 100
6811.82 200
6811.82 900


5 Cement
a)Portland cement
i.White Portland cement, various type
ii. Other Portland cement
b)Hydraulic cementi.Aluminate cement
ii. Other hydraulic cement

MS 898
MS EN197


2523.21 000
2523.29 100. 2523.29 900.
2523.30 000

2523.90 000
2523.90 000

6 *Insulation materials

Glass wool, rock wool & mineral wool


MS 1020
MS 1020



6806.10 000
7019.90 100

7 Radiant barrier (thermal foil insulation)  MS 2095  7607.20 100
8 *Float glass

Clear glass
Dark glass
Mirror glass
Wired glass


MS 1135
MS 1135
MS 2397
MS 1498


7005.29 900
7005.21 900
7005.10 900
7005.30 000

9 Alumininum
Aluminium slab, sheet and strip, and others(example: aluminium composite)
Aluminium foil width 0.2mm and below

MS 2040: 2007


MS 1848 : 2005


7606.11 000, 7606.12 000,

7606.91 000, 7606.92 000

7607.11 000

7607.19 000

Program For Industry

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