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14 Fungsi CIDB di bawah Akta 520

The Role of CIDB

1. Advisor

2. Regulatories

3. Development

The Role of Advisor

1. Manage complaints or reports made in respect of any failure of construction work

2. To promote and stimulate the development, improvement and expansion of the construction industry

3. Provide consulting and advisory

4. Advise and recommend to the Federal and State Governments

The Role of Regulatory

1. Registration & accreditation of contractors

2. Registration & accreditation of: personnel contractors

3. Regulate compliance with standards for construction work and building materials

4. Regulate the implementation of sistem binaan berindustri dalam industri pembinaan

5. Regulate the implementation of quality and safe construction work

The Role of Development

1. Provide & maintain Industrial Information System Construction

2. Establish, develop, review and coordinate training of construction personnel & contractors in the construction industry

3. Promoting technology, developing & conducting research

4. Advancing & promoting quality assurance

5. Advancing & assisting in the export of services

Program for Industry


Construction Personnel

Construction Material

Construction Industry Standard CIS


Safety And Health


Environmental Sustainability

Construction Information

Global Mission