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Construction Personnel

Construction Personnel Registration

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Statutory Provison

According to the Akta Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (Act 520) Act 1994:

1. Registration of Construction Personnel, Section 33 (1):
A person shall not be involved or engaged or undertake to be involved or engaged as a construction personnel unless he is registered with the Lembaga and holds a valid certificate of registration issued by the Lembaga under this Act.

2. Certification of Construction Site Supervisors and Skilled Construction Workers, Section 33A (1):
No construction site supervisor or skilled construction worker shall be involved or engaged, or undertake to be involved or engaged as a construction site supervisor or skilled construction worker unless he is accredited and certified by the Lembaga and holds a valid certificate issued by the Lembaga under this Act.

Construction Personnel Interpretation

According to the Akta Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (Act 520) Act 1994:

1. Section 2(1):

a) Registered Construction Personnel means a construction personnel registered or certified in accordance with this Act.
b) Construction personnel means –

i) General Construction Workers

ii) Semi-Skilled Construction Workers

iii) Skilled Construction Workers

iv) Construction Site Supervisor

v) Construction Project Managers; and

vi) Any other employee in construction industry as may be determined by the Lembaga.

c) Definition

i) General Construction Workers
Any employee or class of employee who is not skilled and who is engaged in manual work.

ii) Semi-Skilled Construction Workers
Any employee possesing the accepted level of skill, knowledge, qulaification and experience of one or more of the trades as determined by the Lembaga.

iii) Skilled Construction Workers
Any employee possessing the accepted level of skill, knowledge, qualification and experience of one or more of the trades as determined by the Lembaga and listed in the Third Schedule.

iv) Construction Site Supervisor
Any employee possessing the accepted level of skill, knowledge and experience who is assigned to a construction site or any other such place to supervise the construction works.

vi)  Construction Project Manager
Any employee possessing the accepted level of skill, knowledge and experience as may be determined and who is assigned to the construction site or any other such place to organize, plan, control and co-ordinate the construction works from the inception to completion.

Registration Terms

1. Construction personnel registration certificate/ construction personnel registration card is the property of CIDB. This certificate/ card cannot be transferred or held or kept by any other unauthorised individual other than the individual named on the certificate/ card.

2. Construction personnel are responsible in complying with the conditions of registration of construction personnel and Act 520, as well as relevant regulations throughout the validity period of registration.

3. Construction personnel are required to comply with instructions/ circulars issued by CIDB from time to time either in the form of printed media or electronic media. Any instructions/ circulars distributed by post, press release, website, or any other means of announcement will be deemed to have been received by the construction personnel.

4. All information submitted to CIDB becomes the property of CIDB. CIDB reserves the right to utilise and disclose such information in any form of publication for the benefit and interest of the construction industry.

Registration Requirement

Construction personnel registration is compulsory based on the following conditions:

1. Identification documents as follows:
a) Malaysian Identity Card.
b) Passport with valid work permit by the Malaysian Immigration Department.
c) IMM13P Pass.

2. Aged 16 years and above. Refer to the note below

3. Have a construction safety certificate such as:
a) Safety and Health Induction Course for Construction Workers (SICW);
b) eLearning Safety and Health Induction Course for Construction Workers (eSICW);
c) SICW CIDB Holdings (eSICW CIDBH); or
d) Safety certificate/ passport recognised by CIDB..

4. Involved in construction works.

5. Comply with the laws and regulations by CIDB.

Construction personnel are covered for up to 70 years old under the Construction Personnel Protection Plan.

Registration Duration

1. Malaysian Identity Card:
a) The registration period is a minimum of 1 year up to a maximum of 5 years for new/renewal applications.
b) The registration expiry date is based on the applicant's date of birth.

2. Temporary Employment Pass (PLKS)/ Employment Pass (EP):
The duration of registration is based on the expiry date of the permit.

3. IMM13P
The registration expiry period is based on the expiry date of the pass.

Construction Personnel Registration Application

1. New application/ renewal of registration of CIDB construction personnel is conducted online via CIMS System:

2. Registration can be applied using the following methods:

No. Personal Identification User ID
a) Malaysian Identity Card Employer ID or Individual ID
b) Passport with PLKS/ EP Permit Employer ID Only
c) IMM13P Pass Employer ID Only

3. CIDB construction personnel registration application does not need to submit a copy of the ID card or passport in the CIMS System.

4. IMM13P applicants need to upload a copy of the pass and passport photo.

5. Construction personnel registration can be renewed 60 days prior to the expiry date.

6. Applicants are required to complete the following information at the CIMS System:
a) Personal – based on User ID registration at the CIMS System.
b) Employer/ self-employed.
c) Safety/ Passport Certificate.
d) Academic.
e) Skills.
f) Job category and trade recommendation.
g) Beneficiary
h) Duration.
i) Address selection and payment.

7. Local applicants must go to the nearby CIDB State/ Branch for thumbprint verification, with identification card if self-information on the identification card fail to generate after three days submitting the construction personnel application, CIMS System.

8. Construction personnel applications will be automatically reset after 30 days if there is no payment are made through the CIMS System.

9. Construction Personnel Registration Certificate is automatically generated at the CIMS System after succesful payment. The certificate is a valid document to enter and work at the construction site. Construction Personnel is covered under the Construction Personnel Protection Plan.

Construction Safety Certificate

1. Users do not need to upload the construction safety certificate for CIDBH's SICW/ eSICW/ eSICW Course. SICW/ eSICW/ eSICW CIDBH construction safety certificate information is automatically displayed on the CIMS System.

2. Apart from CIDBH's SICW/ eSICW/ eSICW construction safety certificate, applicants can use a certificate/ safety passport accredited by CIDB, which must be uploaded on the CIMS System.

Registration Fees

1. Registration fees for the new/ renewal of construction personnel are as follows:

Year Fees (RM)
1 35.00
2 60.00
3 85.00
4 110.00
5 135.00

2. The registration fees are the same for local, foreign and IMM13P applications.

3. Payment can only be made online via the CIMS System using:
a) Online banking; or
b) Credit/ debit card.

Job Categories and Trades

Construction personnel job categories are determined as follows:

1. Construction Trainee
Practical training at:
i. Training Institute
ii. Construction industry

2. General Construction Worker
Do not have any skills/ academic certificate.

3. Administration
Academic certificate holder.

4. Semi-Skilled Workers
Skilled trade not listed under Jadual Ketiga, Akta 520.

5. Pekerja Binaan Mahir
Skilled trade listed under Jadual Ketiga, Akta 520.

6. Site Supervisor
Sijil Kompetensi Kemahiran Pembinaan (SKKP) Construction Site Supervisor.

7. Construction Project Manager
Sijil Kompetensi Kemahiran Pembinaan (SKKP) Construction Project Manager

Note: Job categories is given based on the highest academic and skills qualifications.

Information Update

Employer Update

1. Construction personnel can update employer/ self-employment information via the CIMS System > Construction Personnel > Update Company.

Construction Personnel List Update

1. Local Construction Personnel/ IMM13P:
Employers may update their local construction personnel/ IMM13P workers at the CIDB CIMS System menu > Construction Personnel > Personnel Card > Personnel Card Listing.

2. Foreign Construction Personnel
Employer is required to submit supporting documents from the Malaysian Immigration Department in order to remove foreign construction personnel from the CIMS System.

Beneficiary Update

1. A beneficiary is named by the construction personnel to receive the benefits under the Construction Personnel Protection Plan.

2. Construction personnel may update the beneficiary information in the CIDB CIMS System > Construction Personnel > Personnel Insurance > Update Beneficiary Detail.

Construction Personnel Registration Recognition

1. CIDB recognised construction personnel through:

  • a) Construction Personnel Registration Certificate
    Generated automatically after succesfully payment via CIMS System. The certificate can be generated for free at the CIMS System menu > Construction Personnel > View My Biodata > Print Certificate.
  • b) CIDB Malaysia Apps
    Construction personnel information can be verified by inserting the Identification/ Passport/ IMM13P No. at the Construction Personnel menu. This application can be download throuugh Google Play Store or Apple App Store on the mobile phone.
  • c) Construction Personnel Search
    Construction personnel information can be searched through the Identification/ Passport/ IMM13P No using the CIMS System. This medium provides card delivery status and the duration of previous construction personnel registration.
  • d) Construction Personnel Registration Card
    i. The card is printed only once for construction personnel registration.
    ii. The card will not be printed for renewal applications, except for renewal applications with a new passport number.
    iii. The date displayed on the card refers to the expiry date of the mastercard, and not the expiry date of the construction personnel registration.
    iv. The construction personnel registration expiry date can be verified on the construction personnel registration certificate/ CIDB Malaysia apps/ construction personnel directory.
    v.  The construction personnel card is printed and posted to the selected address within 14 days after the payment is made in the CIMS System.
    vi. The card status delivery can be checked at Construction Personnel Search. 

Construction Personnel Protection Plan

1. The protection plan is a form of “hibah” (gift/ bequest).

2. The Hibah is granted to:
a) Construction personnel affected by accident; or
b) A named beneficiary, in the event of death.

3. Protection is only provided for CIDB registered construction personnel aged between 16 to 70 years old.

4. The scope of benefits are as follows:

No. Scope Benefit Value (RM)
1. Death caused by accident 21,000.00
2. Death caused by illness 3,000.00
3. Funeral expenses 500.00
4. Permanent disability caused by accident 18,000.00*
5. Permanent physical disability caused by illness 3,000.00
6. Hospitalisation benefit caused by accident 25/ hari**
7. Wheelchair/ waking aid/ prosthesis 500.00*

*Maximum paid to construction personnel/beneficiaries.
**Maximum is 30 days.

5. Claims must be submitted no later than 60 days from the date of the incident by completing the information in the CIMS System and Borang UPPT-1/v02, and submit the form to Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad.

6. Any enquiries can be made to Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad via:
a) E-Mail: [email protected]
b) Tel. No.: 1-300-888-622 / 03-2109 6222/ 03-2109 6213

Special Permission to Enter The Construction Site

1. Special Permission to Enter the Construction Site is a certificate which allows individuals with identification that requires to be/ work at the construction sites.

2. Individuals with the Special Permission to Enter the Construction Site are not covered under the CIDB Construction Personnel Protection Plan.

3. The Special Permission to Enter the Construction Site is bound by the period specified by the Malaysian Immigration Department/ National Registration Department, or any earlier date in accordance to CIDB policy.

4. Only Employers can apply for the Special Permission to Enter the Construction Site via CIDB’s CIMS System. A processing fee of RM150.00 is imposed for each application for the Special Permission. Applications must be submitted within 30 days upon successful payment through the CIMS System. Processing duration is 14 working days. Employers are required to complete applications as follows:

a) Type of pass (Note: please refer to Appendix 1: Pass Sample)

  • Kad Pengenalan Sementara (MyKAS)
  • Pas Lawatan Profesional (PVP)
  • Student Pass
  • Resident Pass
  • Social Visit Pass with permission to work stamp from the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM)
  • MM2H (Malaysia MySecond Home) Pass
  • Lain-lain

b) Temporary identity card/ passport & permit no.

c) Applicant’s name

d) Safety Certificate:

  • SICW/eSICW Safety Courses are automatically displayed
  • Or upload a CIDB’s recognised Safety Certificate

e) Designation

f) Nationality

g) Expiry date (Note: Please enter any earlier date in the temporary identity card/permit or employment offer letter and Project Completion Date + warranty)

h) Declared construction project is within construction and warranty duration (24 months).

i) Upload the following documents:
– Personal identification:

  • Temporary Identity Card
  • Passport and permit

– Employment offer letter with designation from the employer
– Industrial training letter from Training Institute for Student Pass only
Safety Certificate/ Passport recognised by CIDB

5. Individuals with special permission are bound to construction projects declared on application. However, they are at liberty to utilise the permit at different construction projects of the same employer. These construction projects must be declared to CIDB.

6. The special permission certificates are non-transferrable, nor can they be retained by individuals or employers other than those named on the certificates. Employers and indiduals are responsible for the compliance of the requirements of construction personnel registration and Act 520 as well as related laws, throughout the certificate duration.

7. Special permission approval status can be checked by employers and individuals through the following mediums:

Enquiries/Improvement Suggestion

Any enquiries/ suggestions to improve the construction personnel registration can be channelled to CIDB eBantuan via:

a) CIDB e-Bantuan System.

b) Telephone No: 03-5567 3300.

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