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Skilled Workers Development

Skills Competency Training (LKK)

IntroductionTraining ObjectivesTarget GroupsTerms of ApplicationHow to ApplySponsorship PolicyAssessment & CertificationLegal Requirements And FunctionsConstruction Personnel Competency DevelopmentContractors' Competency DevelopmentApprenticeship ProgrammeEntrepreneurship Programme

Program For Industry


As a body held accountable by the government to develop the national construction industry and in accordance with the provisions in Act 520, CIDB has organized a Skills Competency Training Program aimed at producing construction workers who are competent to carry out construction works. Among the training programs offered are the Youth Skills Competency Training Program and the Construction Personnel Skills Competency Training Program.

Training Objective

  • i. Produce more skilled local construction workers;
  • ii. Providing more organized and recognized construction skills courses, conducted by professional instructors with extensive experience and training;
  • iii. Produce a productive, safety-conscious, quality-oriented and efficient construction workforce to meet the rapidly changing needs of the construction industry;
  • iv. Provide opportunities for construction workers to improve their skill level over time;
  • v. Supporting the construction industry to achieve competitiveness by providing a construction workforce that has the appropriate skill level to handle increasingly sophisticated construction technology;
  • vi. Develop and pioneer the route of exporting trained skilled labor to carry out construction work abroad; and
  • vii. Conduct a skills competency assessment program.

Target Groups

  • i. Youth Skills Competency Training Program
    1. Open to young Malaysian citizens between 17 and 35 years old
  • ii. Program Latihan Kompetensi Kemahiran Personel Binaan
    1. Open to all local and foreign construction workers who are working or have experience and are between 18 and 55 years old.

Terms of Application

All applicants for the Skill Competency Training Program (LKK) must:

  • i. Youth Skills Competency Training Program
    1. Pass the program admission interview session
  • ii. Construction Personnel Skills Competency Training Program.
    1. Have at least six (6) months of work experience in the field applied for.

How to Apply

Applications can be made by filling out the application on the website

Click Here

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Terms

All applicants for the Skill Competency Training Program (LKK) must:

  • i. Youth Skills Competency Training Program
    1. a) Youth Skills Training Program trainees are only sponsored once in individual trades or clustered trades or level combined trades.
    2. b) Trainees who have followed the youth skills training program are allowed to follow various training trades through the construction personnel skills training program provided they have 6 months of experience in the construction industry sector.
  • ii. Youth Skills Competency Training Program
    1. a) Construction personnel who are interested in following various training trades or 'multiskill' will be sponsored by CIDB for training fees after meeting the conditions set as follows:
      1. Applicants must have at least six (6) months of experience.
      2. Have a valid Construction Personnel Registration Card.
      3. Registered as construction personnel under the categories of General Construction Workers, Semi-Skilled Construction Workers and Skilled Construction Workers.
    2. b) Sponsorship for trades involving certain authorities such as the Energy Commission (ST), Department of Occupational Safety and Health (JKKP), CSWIP and SESCO must comply with the experience period as set by the parties involved.
    3. c) Construction personnel who wish to follow the Electrical field are given the option of following one of the training paths only.

Assessment & Certification

Trainees/personnel who successfully complete the training and pass the assessment will be awarded CONSTRUCTION SKILLS COMPETENCE CERTIFICATE (SKKP) who recognize them as skilled/competent workers.

Legal Requirements and Functions

All applicants for the Skill Competency Training Program (LKK) must:

  • Section 33A (1)
    No construction site supervisor or skilled construction worker shall engage or be engaged, or undertake to engage or be engaged as a construction site supervisor or skilled construction worker unless he is accredited and certified by the Board and holds a valid certificate issued by the Board under this Act .
  • Section 33A (6)
    Any person who employs any construction site supervisor or skilled construction worker who is not accredited and certified by the Board to carry out any construction work commits an offense and shall, on conviction, be fined not exceeding five thousand ringgit.
  • CIDB Functions
    Conduct, promote and review and coordinate training in the construction industry. Register and accredit and certify construction personnel and cancel, suspend or reinstate the registration, accreditation and certification of construction personnel.

Competency Development (Training)

Construction Skills Training

CIDB's Competency Development in Training looks into a broad range of construction skill and advancement programmes.

Contractors and construction personnel are encouraged to continuously upgrade and update their knowledge in construction as the industry has become more advanced with technology and innovation.

The training offered would allow contractors and construction personnel to retain their competitive edge and employability.

There are four broad areas, which are further broken down to sub-areas.

1. Construction Personnel Competency Development

3. Apprenticeship Programme

4. Entrepreneurship Programme

  • a) Construction Personnel
  • b) Contractors

All participation must comply to the guidelines set by Construction Personnel Department:

All programmes are carried out at Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM), CIDB's training arm.

For more information:


Construction personnel job categories are determined as follows:
CITP KPI For Competency Development (Training)

Supervisory Training and Evaluation Program

Management Training and Assessment Program

Program For Industry

Program for Industry


Construction Personnel

Construction Material

Construction Industry Standard CIS


Safety And Health


Environmental Sustainability

Construction Information

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