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Customer Charter

As part of the Customer Charter, CIDB strives to achieve the following service levels:

Local Contractor's Registration

The process duration is One (1) working day

  • 1. Special Permit Application

The process duration is Five (5) working day

  • 1. New Applications (R1)
  • 2. Renewals (R4)
  • 3. Re-registrations (R10)
  • 4. Modification In Grades / Categories / Specialisations (R5)
  • 5. Changes to Registration Details (R6)

Pendaftaran Construction Personnel

The Construction Personnel Certificate is generated within Three (3) days from the payment receipt issued by CIDB

Declaration Of Construction Work And Levy Imposition

Declaration of cosntruction work is implemented via online and levy will be imposed immediately after declaration is made.

Program for Industry


Construction Personnel

Construction Material

Construction Industry Standard CIS


Safety And Health


Environmental Sustainability

Construction Information

Global Mission


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