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Core Values



The CIDB Strategic Plan 2021-2025 (CSP) has set a target for CIDB to become a leading and respected industry driver

To achieve this target, CIDB need to be engaged in personal and organizational transformation through management and staff the application of CIDB's Core Values; which is one of the key components of the CSP.

A total of five CIDB core values have been introduced - namely Openness (Bersikap Terbuka), Respect (Menghormati), Lead with Conscience (Memimpin dengan Hati Nurani), Impact Focussed (Berfokuskan Impak) and Innovation Driven (Berpacukan Inovasi).

These core values were carefully selected because they are the key values needed in building a strong and solid organization identity, and to ensure that the objectives of the CSP are achieved.

The CSP implementation will involve all CIDB officers at all levels. Therefore, all CIDB staff need to learn and practice these five core values. A comprehensive adoption of these values at every level is needed to form a more positive work culture, increase work commitment and further enhance CIDB's performance and image.

Applying these core values, will further strengthen the integration within CIDB, and also strengthen the relationship between CIDB and all stakeholders throughout the construction industry

The CIDB Strategic Plan (CSP) 2021-2025 has outlined the direction and initiatives of CIDB as a leader in the construction industry, within five years of its implementation.

The implementation of CSP, which is a transformation program of CIDB as an organisation, will involve all CIDB officers at every level.

CSP is supported by four main pillars namely: Innovation, Solution Delivery, Relationship Management and Leadership.

To support the goals of the CSP, CIDB needs to undertake a cultural transformation with the application and practice of the five core values. These five core values have been developed from the original four main pillars in the CSP document.

  • Support the vision and mission of the organization
  • Form a strong and solid work culture
  • Enhance employee commitment and motivation
  • Have a significant impact on the achievement and performance of the organization
  • Improve the organization’s professionalism
  • Improve the organization’s image



Power of 5, is a brand for CIDB’s core values. It illustrates the multiplier impact on CIDB's performance and image with the application of these core values by all employees.

CIDB 5 Core Values



Lead With Conscience

Impact Focussed

Innovation Driven

Core Value 1:


Explore Different Perspective
I consider all perspectives to make the best decisions

Listen And Understand
I genuinely listen to others and evaluate their suggestions thoroughly

Tell Me
I seek and value input and feedback

Seek And Provide Clarity
I am brave to share my views and ideas for the good of the organisation

  • Appreciate different inputs and feedback
  • Often share views and ideas for the good of the organisation
  • Listens clearly to the views of others and evaluates them thoroughly
  • Explore all opinions and perspectives to make the best decisions
  • Provide the opportunity and encourage all present in meetings to provide views and solutions on the issues discussed
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Dare to explore new ideas and think outside the box
  • Appreciate constructive criticism
  • Able to accept reprimands
  • Difficult to accept change.
  • Feel that he or she is always right and know all things
  • Refuses to listen to input and feedback from others
  • Often makes their own decisions and does not seek the views and input of others
  • Gives instructions without giving others a chance to speak
  • Refuses to share views and ideas for the good of the organisation

Why Is The Openness Core Value Important To An Organisation?

  • This attitude is needed to ignite a paradigm shift that is necessary for the whole organisation to transform
  • Open-minded leaders realise that the best ideas do not necessarily have to come from themselves. For the good of the organisation, the leader will always consider and accept the best ideas from the team members
  • Being open and listening carefully to the problem or issue presented will allow one to think of the best solution. This is important to prevent organisational resources from being used for futile and unnecessary processes and activities
  • Willing to listen to constructive views and criticisms will increase one's achievement. This positive compounding impact will be apparent in the performance improvement of the whole organisation if all the employees adopt this value
Core Value 2:


I have compassion towards others who are of different gender, race, religion and background

I value people’s time and effort

Be Fair
I am just in making decisions

I acknowledge and recognise my team members efforts and accomplishments

  • Appreciate the time and effort of others
  • Make fair decisions
  • Empathise with those of different genders, races, religions and backgrounds
  • Recognise the efforts and achievements of team members
  • Recognize the success of others
  • Punctual
  • Fulfill commitments and keep promises
  • Say ‘thank you’
  • Ready to admit mistakes and apologise
  • Gives good cooperation with all levels of people
  • Reprimand in a calm and respectable manner and in private
  • Using a loud tone of voice and harsh language when reprimanding staff
  • Reprimanding/scolding staff in front of others
  • Joking or giving comments that are insensitive and may offend others especially those of the opposite sex, race or about physical appearances
  • Making comments or behaving in a way that could be construed as sexual harassment
  • Usually late
  • Does not admit wrongdoings and does not apologise
  • Not grateful nor appreciative

Why Is The Respect Core Value Important For An Organisation?

  • Mutual respect is important to build a harmonious work environment
  • A team that respects each other will be able to foster closer cooperation and team spirit
  • When the staff feels respected and valued, they will be more motivated to enhance work performance and be more productive
  • Sincerity and friendliness in leadership will increase the motivation of subordinates, and indirectly increase efficiency and productivity
  • A staff who feels respected and valued by the leader, the employer and the organisation, will in turn provide the best service to the customers
Core Value 3:

Lead With Conscience

Do The Right Thing
I do the right thing even when nobody is watching

Be Honest and Sincere
I remove any form of self-interest when making decisions

Honour Integrity
I abide by principles and moral values without compromise

Be Transparent
I am honest and do not hide anything that may cause doubts

  • Doing the right thing even without the knowledge of others.
  • Adhere to the moral compass.
  • Maintain the interests and reputation of the organisation.
  • Discard all forms of personal interest when making decisions.
  • Perform responsibilities and trusts with integrity.
  • Take responsibility for the results of work and performance of self and the team.
  • Make decisions transparently and fairly.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • If an instruction is received to do something that lacks integrity, the instruction is rejected in a diplomatic and wise manner.
  • Take responsibility for behavior and decisions made.
  • Accept responsibility for mistakes.
  • Setting a good example for the staff.
  • Fulfill commitments and promises.
  • Behaves in a way that builds the trust of others
  • Communicate honestly and openly.
  • Demonstrates concern and empathy for employees.
  • Focusing on the interest of self, family or cronies.
  • Not transparent in making decisions.
  • Using power, rank and position for personal gain.
  • Following blindly the instructions of superiors even if the instructions are not appropriate and lack integrity
  • Does not maintain the reputation or interests of the organisation.
  • Sweeps problems and mistakes under the carpet.

Why Is The Lead With Conscience Core Value Important For Organisations?

  • The interests and reputation of the organisation is protected.
  • The financial performance of the organisation will increase.
  • Job satisfaction is experienced at every level of employees.
  • It inspires all employees to be transparent and practice integrity.
  • The honesty and transparency in leadership, by discarding all forms of personal interests, will ensure that any decisions made are in the best interests of the organisation.
  • Studies show that increased integrity in the organisation contributes towards improving job performance at all levels.
  • Leaders with integrity will cultivate trust and job satisfaction among employees, and they will emulate the good examples set.
  • Employees under leaders with high integrity typically have positive behaviors in the workplace.
  • Employees who trust their leaders will work harder, perform better and become more loyal to the organisation.
Core Value 4:

Impact Focussed

Begin With The End In Mind
I think about and measure the result to be achieved and not activities

Be Effective
I focus on efforts which brings powerful results.

Solve Root Cause
I find the root cause and solve it and not just treat the symptoms

Customer First
Customer’s needs are my no. 1 priority

  • Focus on impact instead of activities and processes.
  • Fulfilling customers’ needs is a priority.
  • Strive to provide a comprehensive solution.
  • Find the root cause of the problem and try to solve it, not just treating the symptoms.
  • Often explaining to the team WHY a task needs to be performed.
  • Set targets and measure impacts - NOT activities or processes.
  • Modify or eliminate work processes that do not have an impact.
  • Make decisions based on accurate information and data.
  • Measuring the frequency of an activity instead of the impact.
  • Not considering or analysing whether the process or activity performed has an impact.
  • Still implementing the same process even if it is no longer relevant and has no impact.
  • Do not know why a task or process needs to be performed.
  • Giving instructions and orders, without explaining why a task needs to be completed.
  • Make decisions based on emotions and sentiments without being guided by valid information and data.

Why Is The Impact Focussed Core Value Important For Organisations?

  • All organisations have limited resources. Therefore, priority should be given to the tasks that will produce the greatest impact.
  • Often many organisations waste time and resources by pursuing maintaining fruitless activities and processes. Impact-focussed organisations will get a more positive perception from stakeholders and customers.
  • Impact focussed organisations will get a positive perception from stakeholders and customers.
  • Able to increase stakeholder’s confidence in the organisation.
  • Able to improve the performance of an organisation in achieving its mission and vision.
Core Value 5:

Innovation Driven

Think Out Of The Box
I dare to think and suggest out of the box ideas to get the best outcome

Challenge Status Quo
I dare to change in order to get the best results

Be Efficient
I provide solutions for customers

Be Creative
I find creative ways to solve problems and issues

  • Dare to think outside the box.
  • Challenge the status quo or current norms to get the best results.
  • Find creative ways to solve problems and issues.
  • Innovate in solving customer problems.
  • Believe problems can be solved through innovation.
  • More comfortable doing routine work.
  • Difficult to accept change.
  • Prefers to maintain existing processes.
  • Believes that innovation will lead to more work.
  • Takut atau malas keluar dari ‘zon selesa’.
  • Feeling that it is easier to wait for others to make decisions or act on problems that arise.

Why Is The Innovation Driven Core Value Important For Organisations?

  • Innovation is important to ensure that the construction industry can be developed in line with or beyond current technology.
  • Improving the image and performance of the organization.
  • Ensure the organisation remains an industry driver.
  • To make the organisation a trusted and respected reference point for the construction industry.
  • Creativity and innovation are key drivers in developing products and services.
  • To always stay ahead in industry knowledge.
  • Increase organisational competitiveness and achievement.

How Do Core Values Benefit Each And Every CIDB Staff?

Core values of an organisation which are successfully instilled can inspire current employees and attract new talents.

When employees live the values that are most important to the organisation, their overall and individual performances will improve, as a result.

Employees who understand and believe in the core values can:

  • 1. Have a clearer understanding of their own role in the organisation.
  • 2. Know the organisation’s aspiration and how they can contribute towards its achievement.
  • 3. Know the values and attitudes they need to adopt to perform at their best.
  • 4. Use your core values to guide their actions in new or difficult situations.

Effective core values can increase engagement by creating a workplace culture built on principles that employees believe in. Employees might therefore find more fulfilment in their work Happy practicing CIDB's core values!

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