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The Carey Island Port: A Maritime Marvel for Malaysia's Prosperity

By October 6, 2023No Comments
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In this series, we shine the spotlight on major infrastructure projects in Malaysia. These projects serve as the backbone of the nation’s growth and development, shaping its future landscape. Here we take peek into the Carey Island Port, which is set to enhance Malaysia’s role in international trade and maritime services.

Amidst the waves that embrace Malaysia’s coastline, a monumental project is emerging as a beacon of progress – the Carey Island Port. This mega port undertaking has seized the spotlight, heralding a transformative era for Malaysia’s maritime industry.

The unveiling of the project took place during the opening ceremony and reception of the esteemed Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace 2023 exhibition (LIMA 2023). Minister Loke Siew Fook highlighted the significance of this mega undertaking, stating that it has the potential to fortify Port Klang’s pivotal role as the primary maritime hub for the region.

“One of the mega projects in the maritime sector is the proposed development of the Carey Island Port which could strengthen Port Klang’s status as the main marine hub for Southeast Asia,” the Minister was quoted as saying.

“We are looking at 15 km of berths, that is the whole of Port Klang today, that is the whole of Northport, Westport, and Southport is going to be translated into Carey,” Capt. K Subramaniam, General Manager of Port Klang Authority (PKA), said at the sidelines of the LIMA 2023.

Unlike the linear berth structure of the existing terminals the Carey island’s terminals would be developed in a basin lay out. The vision would also be for it to be a “truly smart, digital, and green port”.

Through its strategic connectivity and advanced operational capabilities, it offers a gateway to smoother, more efficient global trade routes. The port’s strategic location is a testament to its potential – it sits on Carey Island within the Selangor Maritime Gateway, linking it seamlessly to regional and international trade arteries.

The project’s significance extends beyond its impressive physical attributes. As a strategic transshipment point, the Carey Island Port is set to facilitate smoother logistics and enhanced connectivity for both inbound and outbound trade.

The Carey Island Port embodies the nation’s commitment to transforming its maritime sector into a catalyst for progress. With its advanced infrastructure, efficient cargo handling mechanisms, and strategic positioning, it is poised to anchor Malaysia’s aspirations of becoming a global logistics and trade powerhouse.


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