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Minggu Pembinaan Antarabangsa (ICW) & BuildXpo 2024 Sasaran RM1 Bilion Jualan Unjuran

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The International Construction Week (ICW) and the Malaysia International Building and Construction Industry Exhibition (BuildXpo) 2024, collectively known as ICW & BuildXpo 2024, are poised to achieve a landmark milestone with projected sales reaching RM1 billion. These expectations are anchored by the robust participation anticipated at the BuildXpo exhibition and through targeted international business matching sessions. These sessions are set to draw approximately 25 buyers from at least 10 diverse markets, including China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Korea, Japan, and India.

In the previous year, ICW and BuildXpo collectively notched projected sales totalling RM494.3 million, comprising RM376.5 million from trade visitations and RM117.8 million from International Business Matching activities.

The ICW and BuildXpo is established as the premier regional event for networking, innovation, and expansion in the construction sector. Under this year’s forward-looking theme, “Envisioning the Future of Construction”, the 2024 event will highlight critical industry gatherings such as the Construction Outlook Summit 2024 and the Construction Dispute Resolution Conference, among others, further solidifying its role at the forefront of shaping the construction industry’s future.

Minister of Works, Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi, emphasised the strategic importance of ICW 2024 in elevating Malaysia’s construction industry to global prominence and enhancing its competitive edge. He highlighted that ICW and BuildXpo 2024 will not only accentuate technological progress, career prospects, and the industry’s substantial societal contributions, placing utmost importance on inclusivity and sustainable development as pivotal for collective sectoral advancement.

“The vitality of the construction industry lies in its capacity to attract and empower a dynamic influx of talent. With the pressing need for modernisation amidst rapid technological advancements, ICW emerges as a vital platform, illuminating the younger generation’s myriad career avenues within the sector. In this digital era, the engagement of today’s youth is paramount; their innate technological prowess and innovative drive hold the potential to revolutionise construction methods, sustainability practices, and safety standards,” he stated.

BuildXpo 2024, the exhibition component of ICW, will showcase a comprehensive array of products and services across various sectors, including construction technologies, machinery, software, Industrialised Building Systems (IBS), equipment, materials, smart building systems, automation solutions, and services. It will also spotlight innovative start-ups within the construction realm.

CIDB Malaysia’s Chief Executive, Dato’ Sr Mohd Zaid Zakaria, during the soft launch at MITEC recently, remarked, “‘Envisioning the Future of Construction’ involves embracing key success factors such as productivity, competitiveness, professionalism, safety, quality, and sustainability. We invite industry participants to ICW 2024 to discover cutting-edge products, methodologies, and services and seize opportunities to enhance business networks and collaborations.”

Continuing the achievements of ICW and BuildXpo 2023, which saw the participation of 9,470 trade visitors from 37 countries alongside conference attendees, this year’s exhibition strives to surpass these numbers by attracting over 10,000 industry professionals. Additionally, it aims to provide nearly 10,000m² of exhibition space accommodating approximately 500 booths. This year’s edition will be supported by the Public Works Department (JKR) and other associations, which include the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM), the Chartered Institute of Building, and the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM).


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