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New Initiative Boosts Access to Quality Building Materials for Small Malaysian Contractors

By January 8, 2024No Comments
New Initiative Boosts Access to Quality Building Materials for Small Malaysian Contractors

In a significant move to bolster the quality and affordability of construction in Malaysia, the Building Materials Distributors Association of Malaysia (BMDAM) is actively encouraging small to medium-sized construction firms, particularly those holding G1 to G4 licences, to procure their materials directly from BMDAM-associated factories and suppliers.

According to a statement by CIDB on December 15, this push aims to offer these contractors access to building materials at wholesale rates, enhancing their ability to compete on cost without compromising quality.

CIDB has affirmed that materials provided by BMDAM members come with a Certificate of Standards Compliance (PPS), ensuring that G1 to G4 contractors can meet the stringent quality and safety requirements for government projects slated for the 2024 budget period. This certification is part of a broader push by the CIDB to elevate construction standards across the board.

Under the revised CIDB (Amendment of Fourth Schedule) 2021 Order, it is mandatory for all stakeholders in the construction process, from manufacturers to contractors, to verify that on-site building materials have an active PPS from CIDB. This adherence to standards is critical, as non-compliance with the CIDB Act 1994 (Act 520) could result in substantial fines ranging from RM10,000 to RM500,000.

Contractors and other parties in the construction sector are urged to stay informed about the requirements and available resources. For more details on standards, compliance, and the procurement process, stakeholders can visit the CIDB official or contact the CIDB Careline at +603 5567 3300.

This development represents CIDB’s commitment to enhancing the construction industry’s integrity and is a call to action for smaller construction entities to align with national quality benchmarks.

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