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Metal-Reinforced Wood Plastic Composite: A Structural Breakthrough in Construction

By Januari 8, 2024No Comments
Malaysia's Rise as a Pioneer in Sustainable Construction Materials

Dr Loh Yueh Feng, Deputy Director (R&D) of the Fibre and Biocomposite Centre (FIDEC) in Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), during the recent International Construction Transformation Conference (ICTC) 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, revealed a groundbreaking advancement in Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) – the Metal-Reinforced WPC. This innovative material marks a significant leap, specifically designed for load-bearing applications, addressing a historical gap in structural use within the construction industry.

She said: “While WPC has traditionally been limited to non-structural applications, this development aims to reshape possibilities by bringing structural capabilities to the forefront.”

The patented co-extrusion process, “Metal-Reinforced Composite,” involves infusing pre-heated metal during production, elevating WPC to a new echelon.

Malaysia's Rise as a Pioneer in Sustainable Construction Materials

The key highlight lies in the material’s impressive mechanical properties. Dr Loh presents compelling results from rigorous testing, revealing an average yield stress of 337 N/mm2 and remarkable ultimate load values at 215 kN in stub column tests. Dr Loh said: “These properties position the Metal-Reinforced WPC as a formidable contender for load-bearing applications, breaking traditional barriers associated with WPC.”

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This structural leap paves the way for versatile applications in construction projects. Dr Loh’s presentation sparks excitement within the industry as architects and builders envision a future where WPC transcends its previous limitations, offering strength and sustainability.

As the construction landscape witnesses this transformative innovation, the Metal-Reinforced WPC emerges as a symbol of ever-evolving possibilities in materials science. Dr Loh Yueh Feng’s unveiling at the ICTC 2023 marks a pivotal moment, heralding a new era where wood plastic composite becomes synonymous with versatility, sustainability and structural prowess.

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