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Transforming Housing in Zambia

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Explore how the National Housing Authority (NHA) is pioneering affordable and sustainable housing solutions in Zambia, addressing critical challenges and setting new standards.

Transforming Housing in Zambia

Established in 1971, the National Housing Authority (NHA) is a cornerstone of Zambia’s efforts to provide affordable and quality housing. With a mission to ensure every citizen has access to safe and comfortable homes, the NHA has been instrumental in developing and regulating housing nationwide. Its dedicated team works tirelessly to implement housing policies, promote sustainable development, and improve living conditions.

A prime example of NHA’s impactful work is the development of a housing complex for the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) staff pension scheme at Trees Inn Makeni, Lusaka. This ambitious project includes 69 housing units and commercial and recreational facilities, all constructed under the “Build Back Better” and “Green Recovery” concepts. These approaches emphasise resilience and sustainability, ensuring the development meets current and future needs.

The Trees Inn Makeni project faced significant hurdles, particularly flooding exacerbated by rapid, unplanned development and inadequate infrastructure. NHA tackled these issues head-on by implementing a robust water management strategy. This involved constructing a comprehensive network of drainage lines and installing a soakpit to manage excess water effectively. These measures were crucial in mitigating flooding risks, allowing the project to proceed smoothly and ensuring the long-term viability of the development.

This project underscores NHA’s commitment to sustainable development and its ability to overcome substantial challenges to deliver high-quality housing solutions. By integrating innovative water management systems and focusing on sustainability, NHA provides homes and fosters resilient communities capable of withstanding environmental challenges.

Stay tuned for our next article, where we delve into the cutting-edge technologies employed in NHA projects to enhance sustainability and operational efficiency. This exploration will reveal how NHA is leveraging innovation to build a greener future for Zambia.

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