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The Best Use of Modular Scaffolding System in the Aviation Sector

By September 15, 2023No Comments

CIDB TV had the opportunity to attend a site visit to assess the compliance and installation methods of scaffolding systems for the aviation sector at Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB), KLIA Sepang, Selangor.

The objective of this visit is to stress the importance of using a scaffolding system that follows standard operating procedures set in accordance with the quality of Construction Industry Standard (CIS) 22 and 23 and Malaysian Standard MS1462-3.

The CIDB TV Team also made a working visit to the MKRS Training Institute in Bangi. Interestingly, the MKRS has introduced the Ringlock modular scaffolding system installation method for the first time to be used by the Malaysian aviation industry. The advantage of the Ringlock modular is that it uses the highest quality of iron grade and high resistance to accommodate the load. In terms of installation, the Ringlock modular is one of the easiest to install, saving time and energy.

“We should work together to ensure that scaffolding installation follows certain standards. We are all aware that CIS 22 and 23 have been enforced, so I call on industry friends out there to follow the safety measures set by government agencies for every installation and overhaul of scaffolding.”

Dato’ Mohamad Ridza Hj Illias

Managing Director, MKRS

“We found that the products developed by MKRS comply with the Act and guidelines outlined by CIDB, ​​which is good for cooperation between local companies and GLCs. As an authority, we are pleased to assist local companies related to scaffolding to meet and obtain a Perakuan Pematuhan Standard (PPS).”

Sr Nazir Muhamad Nor

General Manager –Standard & Construction Material Division, CIDB Malaysia


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