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Rugged Robotics Completes Its First Fullscale Pilot on the Consigli Building Site

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Rugged Robotics, a Houston-based construction technology company, has completed its first full-scale test with Consigli Construction. Consigli is a major construction company in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, serving customers in various industries such as academic, health care, life sciences, institutional, energy, corporate, and government. The partnership between the two firms is consistent with Consigli’s commitment to supporting and utilising cutting-edge technology to enhance construction efficiency. 

Rugged Robotics tackles the problem of field layout with its first product. Traditionally, field layout is done by physically marking the position of walls and mechanical systems with tape measures, chalk lines, and surveying tools. Rugged Robotics automates this procedure by physically imprinting completely coordinated patterns on concrete floors with small robotic vehicles. Construction workers may use the rover to print considerably more information than is usually visible on a manual layout, reducing the time spent examining designs and, as a consequence, completing faster, more precise installations. It also aids with the elimination of any oversights and mistakes in the manual layout, which can have an influence on numerous trades and result in improper installation, delays, and rework.

The Rugged Robotics rover was recently tested at Cambridge Crossing – Parcel H, where Consigli is constructing the new headquarters for Sanofi, one of Massachusetts’ major life science companies. Rugged delivered a multi-trade arrangement on six storeys covering more than 240,000 square feet at Parcel H. Their automated layout enhanced collaboration, decreased mistakes, and saved substantial time on the front end.

“At Consigli, our leadership and technology teams are continuously searching for methods to make construction projects more accurate and efficient and to maximise resource allocation on each site,” said Jack Moran, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP and Consigli’s director of VDC and Integrated Services. “We see technology as a means to help our workers and fulfil future construction demands.”

Rugged Robotics demonstrated its worth by providing an automated tool that exceeded our expectations and operated in tandem with our team.” Rugged and Consigli will continue to work after the pilot as Rugged refines, installs, and grows their solution. Future Consigli initiatives that will make use of the robots are already in the works.


Rugged Robotics Completes Its First Fullscale Pilot on the Consigli Building Site


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