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Navigating the Future: Strategies for Digital Sustainability in Construction

By January 12, 2024No Comments
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Embarking on the realm of IoT for sustainability, there is a pivotal need for structural incentives to pave the way. Prioritising sustainability from the design phase of IoT projects becomes paramount, fostering collaborative partnerships to surmount fragmentation hurdles.

Essential groundwork, including tackling infrastructure concerns, is coupled with refined legal frameworks and expert engagement—a strategic blueprint for expeditious and robust IoT deployments within the construction domain.

Flexibility in business model design and execution is crucial, along with the development of cross-industry solutions for mutual benefits and innovative monetisation. Achieving scale through demand consolidation and bundling, attracting alternative funding sources, is pivotal for sustainable business and investment models.

During his session at the DIG.IT.ALL Forum Series, a part of the International Construction Week (ICW) 2023 and hosted by CREAM, Arivagara Pavithran, the CEO of Maxwell Cfm International Sdn Bhd, emphasised the pivotal role of cultivating a sustainability awareness culture.

This, he highlighted, is a response to the evolving demands of new generations, contributing to enhanced brand reputation and the attraction of top talent. He also advocated the adoption of a framework aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to assess potential impacts and measure results effectively. Additionally, he navigated through challenges, urging a concentrated effort on issues like awareness, workplace innovation, top management vision, partnership building, and cultural transformation.

In the pursuit of SDGs through the lens of IR4.0 technology, a comprehensive review of strategies becomes imperative, Arivagara added. This signifies a pivotal moment for organisations to leverage digital evidence and embrace incremental yet impactful steps toward transforming business operations through technology.

As the construction industry charts its course toward a more sustainable and digitally integrated future, providing attractive incentives emerges as a key catalyst. Through these concerted efforts and strategic initiatives, the industry can not only adapt to evolving challenges but also contribute significantly to a greener and technologically advanced landscape.

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