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Navigating Cost-Effective Built Asset Management through the Lens of Digital Sustainability Investments

By January 29, 2024No Comments
Navigating Cost-Effective Built Asset Management through the Lens of Digital Sustainability Investments

During a presentation at the DIG.IT.ALL Forum Series hosted by CREAM ran with the International Construction Week (ICW) 2023, Ts. Gene Ong, the Managing Director of Cobler, showcased his extensive 15 years of experience in the building technology and Facility Management (FM) sector.

His valuable insights centred on navigating the digital landscape to enhance sustainability investments, aiming for a more efficient and cost-effective approach to built asset management.

The Digital Boom & Implications

Ong underscored the ongoing digital revolution, highlighting the transformative impact of fast computing speeds and seamless connectivity on the construction and FM sectors. The central theme revolved around optimising digital sustainability investments for cost-efficient built asset management.

The presentation delved into industry professionals’ challenges in choosing and optimising technology. Ong proposed a solution grounded in algorithmic approaches, leveraging essential knowledge to overcome complex engineering issues.

Insights from a Case Study

Using a case study of a Chilled Water Plant, Ong illustrated the dynamics between the construction and operation phases of commercial AC systems. He pointed out the significant energy consumption during operation and the often overlooked inefficiencies post-construction handover. The presentation highlighted the critical role of design, algorithms, and discipline in ensuring the long-term efficiency of building assets.

Ong emphasised the multifaceted approach to optimisation, connecting it to Return on Investment (ROI). Balancing accuracy, outcomes, clarity, comparability, timeliness, and verifiability, the holistic view painted a compelling picture of the sustainable returns achievable through optimised digital investments.

In concluding remarks, Ong urged industry stakeholders to envision the broader impact of optimised digital investments. The promise is not just efficiency but a sustainable and significant return on building assets.


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