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CIDB Steps Up Fight Against Renovation Fraud with New Agreement Template

By January 8, 2024No Comments
IDB Terus Menentang Penipuan Pengubahsuaian dengan Templat Perjanjian Baharu

In a concerted effort to combat renovation scams, Malaysia’s Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) has taken a proactive stance by offering homeowners a vital resource: a standard construction agreement template, which is readily available for download on their official website. This template outlines the responsibilities and contractual obligations that all involved parties should adhere to during a renovation project.

CIDB’s initiative, led by CEO Datuk Mohd Zaid Zakaria, aims to arm homeowners with the knowledge necessary to protect themselves against fraudulent practices in the home renovation industry. By familiarising themselves with the typical terms and conditions of construction contracts, homeowners can ensure that their rights are safeguarded and the obligations of all parties are clearly defined.

The push for consumer education in construction agreements is in response to many renovation fraud cases, as Seputeh MP Teresa Kok highlighted. The lack of contract knowledge has led to substantial financial losses, with reports of approximately 30 cases resulting in millions of ringgit losses. These unfortunate incidents underscore the critical need for accessible legal frameworks and educational resources to prevent such scams.

Furthermore, homeowners are urged to stay informed about the current prices of construction materials, labour costs, and the relevant local council regulations affecting renovation work. This comprehensive approach to consumer education is part of CIDB’s broader strategy to uphold industry integrity and consumer protection.

The Malaysian Interior Industry Partners Association (MIIP) has launched an informative video titled “Don’t Fall Victim to Online Renovation Contractor Scam” to bolster these educational efforts. The video is part of a campaign to enhance public awareness about the risks of online renovation scams and will be available on MIIP’s website and social media channels.

For homeowners or contractors facing issues related to renovation projects, CIDB has provided a helpline (+603 5567 3300) and an online assistance platform, the e-Bantuan form, for reporting grievances and seeking help.


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