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Boosting Local Workforce in Malaysia's Construction Industry

By October 13, 2023No Comments
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Deputy Human Resource Minister, Mustapha Sakmud, highlighted the pressing need to bolster the local workforce within the construction sector to create more job prospects for Malaysians and lessen reliance on foreign labour. 

Speaking at the inauguration of the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) Human Resources Conference 2023, Mustapha stressed that Malaysia’s commitment to economic advancement necessitates a focus on increasing local participation in the construction industry.

“This step provides employment opportunities for our local people and helps reduce dependency on foreign workers. In this context, initiatives to enhance the skills of local workers become crucial to fulfil industry needs while offering chances for locals, including the youth, to flourish in this domain through TVET,” he stated.

Mustapha outlined the government’s objective of increasing the skilled workforce from the current 28% to 35% of the economy through initiatives such as TVET programs. “We hope more youths will register with TVET institutes near them. The employability for TVET graduates is very high; around 95% will find employment,” he said.

As Malaysia strives to propel its construction sector and provide ample employment opportunities, the emphasis on nurturing local talent through education and training appears pivotal. A stronger local workforce bolsters the construction industry and contributes to the nation’s broader economic growth.

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