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AM Technical Solutions Expands into Penang

By October 27, 2023No Comments
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High-tech cleanroom specialist AM Technical Solutions (AM) has inaugurated a new branch in Penang, marking a significant step in extending its presence in Asia. The expansion aims to better serve clients in the semiconductor and life science sectors, particularly those engaged in large-scale capital projects in the region.

Some of the core services the company will be providing to clients include construction management, engineering and design support, and quality and commissioning services.

In response to the growing demands of the high-tech industry, AM recognised the strategic importance of establishing an official presence in Malaysia, allowing them to pool essential resources from various global regions.

While their initial focus is on supporting semiconductor and life science clients with facility projects, they anticipate broadening their operations to assist other high-tech manufacturing companies in the future.

Sandeep Davé, AM’s Chief Business Officer, expressed excitement about the company’s expansion into a region with substantial growth potential. He highlighted the significance of the new office, emphasising its role in efficiently meeting the needs of clients facing intricate manufacturing and production challenges.

“While our primary focus will be supporting semiconductor and life science clients with their facility projects, we anticipate scaling our operations to support other high-tech manufacturing companies over time.”


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