IBS Programmes

IBS Manufacturer & Product Registration Programme

IBS Manufacturer & Product Registration Programme is a scheme to assess and certify IBS manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and agents of IBS products, based on a set of certification requisites.

The aim is to produce a list of certified IBS manufacturers for the Malaysian construction industry. There are two scope of certification as mentioned below :

  1. IBS Status Manufacturer
  2. IBS Status Distributor / Supplier / Agent

These two categories are further classified into six specialisation groups, which are:

  1. Precast Concrete System
  2. Metal Framing System
  3. Formwork System
  4. Timber Framing System
  5. Blockwork System
  6. Other IBS System (applies to labour saving component)

The certified manufacturers are entitled for the following benefit:

  • Listing in the "Certified IBS Manufacturer List". The list is to facilitate the government and private organisations in choosing certified quality products and firms.
  • Participation in promotional activities by CIDB Malaysia through listing in IBS web portal, IBS Digest, IBS Centre web, electronic and Orange Book directory.
IBS Contractor Training Programme

IBS Contractor Training Programme is to train contractors in five types of specialisation modules.


IBS : Precast Concrete


Steel Framework System


Formwork System


Block System


Timber Frame System

IBS Installer Training Programme

This programme is established to accreditate skilled workers in installing IBS components. It is open to those who are gainfully employed in Malaysia and want to focus on an occupational area. It is also a pathway to acquire the required competencies.

The programme is based on the standard practise in National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS) and developed for five different trades and levels.

  1. IBS - Precast Concrete
    1. Level 1: Precast Concrete Installer (Building)
    2. Level 2: Precast Concrete Installer (Building)
    3. Level 3:Precast Concrete Supervisor (Building)
  2. IBS - Lightweight Panel
    1. Level 1: Lightweight Panel Installer
    2. Level 2: Lightweight Panel Installer
    3. Level 3: Lightweight Panel Supervisor
  3. IBS - Lightweight Blockwall
    1. Level 1: Lightweight Blockwall Installer
    2. Level 2: Lightweight Blockwall Installer
    3. Level 3: Lightweight Blockwall Supervisor
  4. IBS System Formwork
    1. Level 1: System Formwork Installer
    2. Level 2: System Formwork Foreman
    3. Level 3:System Formwork Supervisor
  5. IBS Roof Truss
    1. Level 1: Roof Truss Installer (Timber)
    2. Level 2: Roof Truss Installer (Timber)
    3. Level 1:Roof Truss Installer (Light Gauge Steel)
    4. Level 2:Roof Truss Installer (Light Gauge Steel)
    5. Level 3:Roof Truss Supervisor (Light Gauge Steel)

Upon completion, participants are awarded Sijil Kecekapan Kemahiran (SKK) and 25 CCD points.

IBS Professional Training Programme

This training programme is meant for IBS professionals, targetting architects, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers involved in building projects.

The objective of the programme is to facilitate government and private project implementors in commencing IBS projects.

The content of modules and criteria for each programme have been formulated with the cooperation of various professional bodies representatives and government bodies such as Ministry of Work, Architect Board of Malaysia, Quantity Surveyor Board of Malaysia, Engineers Board of Malaysia, Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM), Institute of Surveyor Malaysia (ISM), Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), and The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM).

The courses that are to be fullfilled:

MO 01

Pengenalan Kepada Sistem Binaan Berindustri (IBS) untuk Bangunan

MO 02

Sistem Koordinasi Modular

MO 03

Manual for IBS Content Scoring System (IBS Score)

MO 04

Konsep Reka Bentuk Sistem Konkrit Pra-tuang

MO 05

Pengurusan Projek