Construction Skills Training & Competency Program


Competency Development (Training)

CIDB's Competency Development in Training looks into a broad range of construction skill and advancement programmes.

Contractors and construction personnel are encouraged to continuously upgrade and update their knowledge in construction as the industry has become more advanced with technology and innovation.

The training offered would allow contractors and construction personnel to retain their competitive edge and employability.

There are four broad areas, which are further broken down to sub-areas.

  1. Construction Personnel Competency Development
    1. Skills for Youth and Construction Personnel
      1. Skill Competency Training Programmes
      2. Competency Assessment
    2. Supervisory
      1. Site Supervisors Training/Assessment
      2. Formen
      3. Site Safety Supervisor (SSS)
    3. Managerial
      1. CSHO Training
      2. Traffic Management
      3. Construction Project Manager
      4. Sewerage Construction Manager (SCM)
      5. QA & QC Management
  2. Contractors' Competency Development
  3. Apprenticeship Programme
    1. Skills (ABM)
    2. Supervisory
    3. Managerial
  4. Entrepreneurship Programme
    1. Construction Personnel
    2. Contractors

All participation must comply to the guidelines set by Construction Personnel Department:

All programmes are carried out at Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM), CIDB's training arm.

For more information:

Tel: 03-4042 8880