Guideline for Construction Personnel Registration (Green Card)

Effective June 1, 2015, all employees carrying out construction work are required to be a Registered Construction Personnel as stipulated in section 33, Act 520. Additionally, any construction personnel performing supervisory duties at the site or perform the work of a skilled worker, listed in the Third Schedule of Act 520 shall be accredited and certified as stipulated in section 33A, of the same act. In that regard, a guideline has been provided as a point of reference for the construction personnel to be registered as a Registered Construction Personnel in accordance with Act 520. This guideline is named Guideline for the Registration of Construction Personnel. It is hoped that all construction personnel will utilize this guideline to comply with the requirements of Act 520.

"Authorization" means a procedure by which the Authority or any person authorized by the Authority gives written warrant that a process, practice or service complies with the specific requirements;

"Construction Project Manager" means any employee who has the skills, knowledge and experience received as determined and assigned to the construction site or any other such place to organize, plan, control and co-ordinate the construction work from the beginning until finished;

"Construction Site Supervisor" means any employee who has the skill level, knowledge and experience received assigned to a construction site or any other such place to oversee the construction work;

"Construction Personnel" means-

  1. general construction worker;
  2. semi-skilled construction workers;
  3. skilled construction workers;
  4. construction site supervisor;
  5. construction project manager; and
  6. any other worker in the construction industry as determined by the Board

"Registered Construction Personnel" means a construction personnel registered or certified under this Act;

"Foreign Construction Personnel" means a person from a non-Malaysian citizen who holds a valid working permit and is employed to perform construction work

"Local Construction Personnel" means the Malaysian citizen who is employed to perform construction work.

"Work Permit" means a permission to work in Malaysia issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia in accordance with the stipulated conditions.

"Construction Site" means the premises or area or location specified by the board where construction work is carried out.

"Tred" means a skill area associated with skilled construction workers as listed in the third table (act 520).

"Malaysian Citizen" means the person holding a blue identity card or military / police identification card issued by the National Registration Department of Malaysia.

Any person employed in the construction industry as well as undertaking construction work is eligible to be considered as a construction personnel.

Registration of construction personnel is selected based on the following principles:

  1. The Registration of Construction Personnel is subject to the requirements & resolution of Act 520
  2. Support and comply with other written laws
  3. Registration of construction personnel to enter and execute construction work at the site
  4. Engage with the progress of physical construction work
  1. Construction Personnel Card is the property of the board and is not transferable or to be held or stored by other individuals that is otherwise named in the card.
  2. The Construction Personnel Cardholder is responsible for complying with the requirements of the registration of construction personnel, Act 520 and other written laws during the validity period.
  3. All building personnel are required to comply with the instructions / circulars issued by CIDB from time to time either in the form of print or electronic media. Any directives / circulars circulated by post, newspaper, website, media or any other rules shall be deemed to have been received by the construction personnel.
  4. All information / documents submitted to CIDB are the property of CIDB. CIDB reserves the right to use and disclose such information in any form of publication for the use and benefit of the construction industry.
  5. Construction personnel registered under section 33 of Act 520 will be issued a Construction Personnel Card within the validity period as stated on the Construction Personnel Card.
  6. Construction personnel shall renew the Construction Personnel Card before the expiry date. Application for renewal can be made within 60 days from the expiry date.
  7. Construction personnel who do not renew the registration of construction personnel within 3 years from the date of the last expiry shall lose their status as a registered construction personnel. Re-registration can be made after the applicant meets the requirements of the new Construction Personnel registration.
  1. All applications for Personnel Registration shall be made in accordance with the manner and method specified by CIDB.
  2. Application for registration for local construction personnel may be made by the applicant himself or an appointed representative subject to the eligibility requirements as well as the prescribed documents
  3. Application for registration of foreign construction personnel shall be made by an employer or appointed representative subject to qualification requirements as well as prescribed documents.
  4. Application made through the company representative should use the Representative Authorization form provided by CIDB (Appendix 1).
  5. Registration fees will be levied to approved applications. The registration fee is to be paid within 30 days from the date the application approved date. Registration fee rates schedule is as per Appendix 2. 
  6. The Construction Personnel Registration comes into effect from the date of receipt of the payment / invoice issued by CIDB.
  1. The Construction Personnel Card is issued pursuant to Act 520 and other written laws pertaining to the construction and labor industries.
  2. Construction personnel will be registered by CIDB according to the following categories:
    1. General Construction Worker
    2. Semi-skilled Construction Worker
    3. Skilled Construction Worker
    4. Construction Site Supervisor
    5. Construction Project Manager
    6. Administration
    7. Construction Trainee
  3. Construction personnel skills and tred categories will be determined as follows:
    1. Category designations are based on the scope of work, academic qualifications as well as building personnel skills.
    2. The categories of construction personnel will be differentiated according to the designated color code.
    3. Skilled Construction Workers Category and Semi-skilled Construction Personnels will be determined through the skill certificates as described in Table 1: Category / Tred Designation.
    4. If the construction personnel possess skills under different category, the category setting will be registered by the highest category.
  4. Tred / skills field will be displayed in the Construction Personnel Card with the exception for the General Construction Worker Personnel and Construction Trainee only.
  5. Personnel Construction Card has a fixed expiry period and shall be renewed before the specified expiry date.

Mana-mana orang yang memenuhi syarat-syarat berikut layak untuk berdaftar sebagai personel binaan.

  1. Had umur pendaftaran personel binaan adalah 18 tahun dan ke atas dan Pelatih Binaan adalah 16 tahun dan ke atas.
  2. Bekerja dalam industri pembinaan serta melaksanakan kerja-kerja pembinaan.
  3. Hadir Kursus Induksi Keselamatan untuk personel binaan atau lain-lain kursus seumpamanya yang diiktiraf oleh CIDB.
  4. Mematuhi undang-undang oleh pihak berkuasa berkaitan. Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Pemohon boleh memohon untuk didaftar dan diakredit sebagai Penyelia Tapak Binaan atau Pekerja Binaan Mahir sebagaimana yang ditetapkan di bawah seksyen 33A, Akta 520 sekiranya memenuhi syarat-syarat berikut:Applicants may apply for registration and are accredited as Building Site Supervisors or Skilled Construction Workers as prescribed under section 33A, Act 520 if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Holds a valid Construction Personnel Card.
  2. Has a Certificate of Skill or other similar certificates certified by CIDB for the purpose of accreditation of skilled construction workers and / or construction site supervisors
  3. Trade / skill for accreditation for Skilled Construction Workers is as per the Third Schedule, Act 520
  4. The area of ​​specialization for accreditation for Site Builder Supervision is as per Appendix 5.

A copy of the relevant skills certificates shall be submitted together with the original certificate at any State CIDB office during the application for the Accreditation of the Supervisor / Buildings of Skilled Builders.

Setiap permohonan hendaklah dikemukakan bersama-sama bayaran yang telah ditetapkan dalam

Pemohon dikehendaki memuatnaik dokumen asal secara online semasa membuat permohonan berikut:

8.1    Permohonan Pendaftaran Personel Binaan Baru (Tempatan)
8.2    Permohonan Pendaftaran Personel Binaan Baru (Asing)
8.3    Permohonan Pembaharuan
8.4    Permohonan Gantian Kad
a.    Perubahan Kriteria Pendaftaran
b.    Kad Hilang

Bayaran proses hendaklah dijelaskan semasa permohonan dibuat. Bayaran ini tidak akan dikembalikan.

Bayaran yuran pendaftaran hendaklah dijelaskan apabila permohonan pendaftaran diluluskan.
Jadual bayaran adalah seperti

The validity period of the construction personnel registration is as follows:

  • Local Personnel: 1- 5 years
  • Foreign Personnel: 1 year ( Foreign Worker (PLKS)), 2 year (Expatriate) or permit expiry date whichever is earlier

The applicant is required to submit a renewal application within the prescribed period. However, application for registration of foreign construction personnel will only be considered after the work permit from the Malaysian Immigration Department is approved.

Each Construction Personnel will be registered in the category as defined in the Construction Personnel, section 2 of Act 520.
The documents to be submitted for category designation are as follows:

  1. Academic qualifications from IPTA / IPTS or equivalent recognized by CIDB;
  2. Accreditation from accreditation bodies or relevant authorities accredited by CIDB
  3. Skillset from CIDB's Recognized Training Center
  4. Proof of experience in construction work certified by CIDB
  5. Category designation for Expatriates is based on the Position stated in the work permit approved by Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM)
No Category Terms of Registration
1 General construction worker
  • Comply with the requirements of construction personnel registration and
  • Carry out construction work and
  • Pending accreditation of skills