CITP Kpis For Competency Development ( Training)

CITP Initiative P1a

Streamline construction-related training programmes in Malaysia

Initiative Overview

All construction related training programs and institutions streamlined and registered by CIDB by Q4 2018


Top ten highly demanded skilled trades have training need analysis, occupational analysis and training maps by Q4 2018

CITP Initiative P1b

Strengthen reach, effectiveness and comprehensiveness of training

Initiative Overview
P1b - 050

5,000 on-the-job apprentices produced by Q4 2020

P1b - 051

15,000 supervisory and management personnel (including QA/QC, site safety etc) trained and certified by Q4 2020

P1b - 052

100,000 construction personnel completed Continuous Professional Development training by Q4 2020

P1b - 053

50,000 construction personnel graduated in construction related skills and certified by Q4 2020

P1b - 054

2 assessment centers in major foreign worker source countries established by Q4 2018

P1b - 134

Competency Standards, Training Modules Assessment Questions and Trainers/Assessors Enhanced by Q4 2018

CITP Initiative P4c

Implement competency and learning management system

Initiative Overview

At least 100 approved construction-related modules available online by Q2 2017


CMS operational and at least 80% personnel profiles in all 59 trades uploaded by Q4 2020