Customer Charter

As part of its Customer Charter, CIDB undertakes to carry out the following objectives:

Local Contractor's Registration

Period taken to process the following applications will be 5 working days after application is received online by the processing officer in Bahagian Pendaftaran Kontraktor :

  1. New Applications (R1)
  2. Renewals (R4)
  3. Re-registrations (R10)
  4. Modification In Grades / Categories / Specialisations (R5)
  5. Changes to Registration Details (R6)
  6. Special Approvals Application
Construction Personnel Registration

Printed Personnel Registration Card ( Green Card ) is completed within 10 working days from the date the payment receipt is issued.

Declaration Of Construction Work And Levy Imposition

Declaration of cosntruction work is implemented via online and levy will be imposed immediately after declaration is made.