Contractor Registration

  Fee (RM)
Processing Fees
  • 30 (renewals within registration validity period)
  • 50 (new registration or re-registration)
New registration / Re-registration  
G1 20
G2 80
G3 150
G4 350
G5 700
G6 1000
G7 1400
Renewals 50% of registration fees (provided there is no change in Grades involved).

For more information, check out pages 5-6 (Processing Fees) & 10 (Registration Fees) In the following link :

  • Application status can be accessed via
    Systems log in CIMS > Registration > View Application History

  • Application Outcome Letters may also be checked upon
    System log in CIMS > Registration > View Letter & Certificate

A levy of 0.125% is imposed on the value of construction work contracts that exceed five hundred thousand ringgit and above (>RM500,000.00).

The levy shall be settled/paid by the main contractor who had made the declaration for the entire value of the project.

Payments may be made via

  • Bank Draft at the nearest CIDB office or;
  • Online Payment Transfer

For further information, please contact CIDB Careline at 1300 88 2432 or refer