Construction Personnel Card Registration (Green Card)

Applications for the card and renewals can be made online through the CIMS system. Applicants must have the CIMS system ID whereby access ID registration are made by :

  1. Individuals (Local Residents only) or through;
  2. Employer’s ID

For further instructions please refer to the manual below:

Applications from those whom are Malaysian citizens/Local Malaysian residents can be made online through the CIMS system as Individuals or through their employers. It is necessary that Applicants/Employers have ready CIMS system access IDs.

For further instructions please refer to the manual below:

Applications for the card by non-Malaysian citizens/foreigners can ONLY BE MADE through employers in possession of the CIMS system access IDs.

For further instructions please refer to the manual below:

ID registration must be made through an active e-mail account. Once registered, please check your “inbox” or, “spam” or, “junk” folders of this e- mail account to view and click the e-mail activation link for first time log in.

Click the link below to re-apply for an e-mail activation if you have not already received it.

If there are no notifications received via e-mail or sms after 3 days of making the application, please come to the nearest CIDB state/branch counter for further checking and data tracking using the “card reader”.

Payment Details

  1. Payment Process Application: RM10
  2. Applications fee
    1. New Application: RM25/ year
    2. Renewal: RM25/ year
  3. Card Replacement Fee
    1. Loss of card
      • First Instance: RM50
      • Second Instance: RM150
      • Third Instance: and so forth RM250
    2. Damaged RM25

Look to the Guidelines below for reference:

The temporary pass can be printed on the spot upon settlement of payment validated by the CIMS system, by clicking the section Construction Personnel > Personnel Card > Personnel Card Listing > Print.

For better understanding, please refer to the Construction Personnel Registration User Manual

The Construction Personnel Card (Green Card) should arrive within 60 days upon clearance of payment. If you did not get the Construction Personnel Green card within that period, you can contact CIDB Careline at 03 - 5567 3300.

The Construction Personnel Card (Green Card) will be sent to the address selected during the payment process i.e the address corresponding to that in your identity card or, your employer’s address as registered in CIDB’s CIMS system.

Anyone employed in the construction industry AND those performing construction works are eligible for consideration in registration as Construction Personnel.

Look to the Guidelines below for reference:
Construction Personnel Registration Guidelines

  • Applicants must be employed in the  construction industry  AND performing  construction works.
  • Applicants must be aged 18 years and older
  • Applicants must attend the Safety Induction Course for Construction Workers or its equivalent
  • Compliance of other written laws or policies that has been set by the government

Look to the Guidelines below for further information:
Construction Personnel Registration Guidelines

Applications for registration of foreign construction workers must be made by the employer (refer to the employer’s details on permission to employ, permit holder under the construction sector and validity duration of the permit).

The above information may be acquired through the following Guidelines:
Construction Personnel Registration Guidelines

Once payment has been made, the applicant is not allowed to change the delivery address. However, if a change of address is necessary whereby payment has not been made; the company staff or agent can inform CIDB to cancel the application prior to making a new application.

The Construction Personnel Green Card’s absence does not hinder the construction personnel from entering and carrying out works at the construction site since construction personnel registration has been made. The QR code on the temporary pass may be used as evidence for authentication of the construction personnel’s details.

The E-Handover system is a platform that verifies the receipt of the card by the personnel/employer which replaces the physical handover of the cards over the CIDB state/branch counters. The system is a front-liner that informs employers/personnel on the status of the postal delivery of the card via the information notification tracking number. E-Handover began operations on 1/2/2020 in line with the voluntary closure of over counter deliveries at CIDB State/Branch offices.

Refer to the manual below for further information:

Employer/staff can submit complaints to CIDB e-Assistance with the attachment of an official letter relating to the denial of construction site entry by disclosing project details, contractor and clients involved so CIDB can take further action.

If your skills/academic certificate details are not in the CIMS system’s list, please check for certificates recognition at the Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA). If available, elaborate further detailing proof of confirmation for the certificates to CIDB via the e-Assistance system. This allows for CIDB to update the certificate information in the CIMS system. Applicants are advised to postpone their application for the Construction Personnel Card (Green Card)until their certificates information is updated.