Pentauliahan Pegawai Pengurusan Trafik Pembinaan (CTMO)

Where works are being made onto road surfaces or, near roads in the construction industry, drivers will inevitably face unpredictable changes in traffic flow.  These changes may endanger road users, workers and pedestrians unless safety measures as well as work procedures are well executed.Road users may not be able to differentiate between construction site conditions and active work zones. Therefore, great emphasis is being made on traffic control measures to ensure the safety of road users an workers alike. 

Competent managers are vital in the realisation of good traffic management. CIDB Malaysia has developed Construction Industry Competency Standard, CICS for Construction Traffic Management Officers; which has been placed at Level 4 of the National Occupational Structure. Those who have been accreditated competent, i.e in possession of sufficient knowledge and skill will be awarded with the Construction Skills Competency Certificate as Accreditated Construction Traffic Management Officers. 

The Objectives for Acreditation are :

  1. To offer construction traffic officers serving in the Malaysian construction industry an option to acquire recognition as Accreditated Construction Traffic Management Officers.

  2. To elevate the competency level of the Malaysian Construction Traffic Management Officer to an internationally recognised level.

  3. To create a better road traffic system in an orderly and systematic traffic flow through the services of an accreditated construction traffic management officer. 

Requirements for the application and accreditation of The Construction Traffic Management Officer Program are as follows:

Category Minimum Requirements Years of experience in related construction field
Mode I Mode II Mode III
1 Registered Professional (e.g Ir., Ar., Sr., PhD) - 3 3
2 Degree in Civil Engineering/Construction Management 3 5 5
3 Bachelors Degree in consruction related field 3 6 6
4 Bachelors Degree in non-consruction related field 5 7 8
5 Diploma in Construction related field 5 8 8
6 Diploma in Non-Construction related field 8 10 10
7 Certificate in vconstruction related field 10 12 12
8 Malaysia Skills Certificate 10 15 15

Accreditation is open to all construction personnel/individual who are directly or indirectly involved in construction traffic management, and other duites relating to construction; who has fulfilled application and accreditation requirements.

The Construction Traffic Management Officer Program is implemented in three (3) assessment modes:

  1. Mode I – Training & Assessment,
  2. Mode II – Assessment only, and
  3. Mode III – Accreditation via Level of Education and Experience (Recognition Prior Learning and Experience, RPLE).

The Modes and their Assessment processes are as follows:

Kaedah Proses Penilaian
Mode I
Latihan dan Penilaian

Undergoing course and sitting for written assessment for each study package

PASS : Construction Skills Competency Level 4 Certificate will be awarded
FAIL : Repeat training for failed module and re-assessment
Mode II
Penilaian sahaja

Sitting for written assessmen

PASS : Construction Skills Competency Level 4 Certificate will be awarded
FAIL : Re-apply for Mode II at any time (limited to twice only) or acquire accreditation via any other Mode
Mode III
Pengiktirafan Tahap Pendidikan dan Pengalaman (RPLE)

Submission of working experience document and attending an intervie

PASS : Construction Skills Competency Level 4 or 3 Certificate will be awarded, whichever is suited to certificate holder’s duites and responsibilities
FAIL :  Re-apply for Mode III at any time (limited to twice only) or acquire accreditation via any other Mode.

Successful candidates having passed through any mode will be accreditated with a Level 4 Construction Skills Competency Certificate (CSCC) with the accreditated Construction Traffic Management Officer’s duties and responsibilities printed on the reverse of the ceritificate. Subsequently, an accreditated Construction Traffic Management Officer is required to update his registration details with the Board.

The Program Outcome for the Construction Traffic Management Officer Accreditation Program:

PO Specific Criteria Program Outcome Statement
PO1 Knowledge and Competent

Construction Traffic Management Officer who has extensive Knowledge and Competent assisting his Project Manager in analysing, evaluating, planning, scheduling, organizing, preparing TMCP drawing, implementating, monitoring, control and reporting of assigned traffic management work according to Acts, Laws, Best Industry Practices, Guidelines, Rules and Regulations and Code of Conducts.

PO2 Professional Ethics, Environment, Safety and Health

Construction Traffic Management Officer who upholds and demonstrates the importance of Profesional Ethics, Environment, Safety and Health work culture at the work zones area and prioritize the sustainable approach in his management and delivering his services using established Traffic Management methodologies such as Construction Traffic Risk Management (CTRM), RSA, TIA, ERP, TMCP, MOS etc.

PO3 Contract, Records and Report

Construction Traffic Management Officer who able to contractually prepare and propose CTMCP, understand CTMP and project management documentations with ability to perform quantity take off, BQ costing estimation and preparation, contract document, CTMSR and all other records and reports, required from his services efficiently in his work zones area.

PO4 Communication, Leadership, Teamwork and Enterpreneurship

Construction Traffic Management Officer who excel in effective communication with his employer and lead the team able to translate the needs into examplary Traffic Management services in coordinate, organize, laiase, present, obtain approvals with the internal and external stakeholders and multi-disciplinary Project Team for compliance with all needs, technical and commercial requirements including satisfactory Entrepreneurship mindset for the sustainability of his profession

PO5 Quality, Planning, Monitoring and Control

Construction Traffic Management Officer who ensuring a Quality deliverable from his team services through the efficient Planning, Monitoring, Control and Closing activities with establishment of Traffic Management procedures using modern and effective traffic management tools for satisfactory and quality Construction Traffic Management.

Module (M) Module Name
Module 01 (M01) Introduction to Facilities Management
Module 02 (M02) Operation And Maintenance (O&M) Coordination
Module 03 (M03) Leadership & Strategy Implementation
Module 04 (M04) Finance Administration
Module 05 (M05) Communication
Module 06 (M06) Human Resource Management
Module 07 (M07) Contract Administration
Module 08 (M08) Quality Control and Legislation Coordination
Module 09 (M09) Project Management
Module 10 (M10) Healthcare Facilities Management
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