PLB Safety Induction Construction Workers (SICW) Program

What is SICW?

An SICW centre is a CIDB accredited training centre that provides a Safety Induction Construction Workers (SICW) Program that enhances the awareness for the importance of construction workers’ safety and health. This is an initiative by CIDB that induces the awareness for the wellbeing of construction workers, and consequently, reduce the rate of construction site accidents.


Intererested training centres need be registered as an accredited organization such as that of business/company/association/cooperative/etc. Over that, the training centre needs to be financially adequate. The trainer workforce must own a valid CIDB personnel registration card/CIDB Greencard, a Construction Safety and Health Officer Certificate and Train the Trainer Certificate as well as present their highest attained academic qualifications and resumè as supporting documents.


For SICW training centre accreditation requirements and procedure, please refer here: 


How to Register

Interested training centres can apply for Accredited SICW Training Centre (SICW PLB) status with CIDB via online application through CIMS CIDB.

Application Form

Other than that, SICW training centre accreditation Application Form may be downloaded and presented as printed copy at CIDB HQ. The SICW training centre accreditation Application Form may be downloaded here.

New Applications Form

Application for Renewal Form


Application for Additional Trainers Form


Application for Amendment of Information Form