Construction Materials Regulation Policy

All construction materials / products listed in Schedule 4, CIDB Act (2011 amendment), are required to obtain a Standard Compliance Declaration (PPS) from CIDB.

The priority of enforcing standards compliance is compliance with Standard Malaysia (MS).

The priority in determining a product to be listed in Schedule 4, CIDB Act (2011 amendment) is the substance / product that may affect the integrity of the structure or function of a construction work which may threaten public safety and material / products that may have a negative impact on the environment.

All imported construction materials / products listed inSchedule 4, Customs Act is required to obtain COA. The intended construction material / product are:

  •   manufactured in the country of origin and brought in for use in the country.
  •   manufactured by local manufacturers then exported and imported back into the country
  •   imported materials to be manufactured by local manufacturers and products produced to be exported abroad

The main technical document required for consideration of USP withdrawal or COA is the PC or FTTR issued by any recognized accrediting body.

Importers are not permitted to bring samples at ports unless consented by CIDB from time to time. However samples are allowed in the bonded ware house or license warehouse