Use Of Shassic In Construction Activities

SHASSIC is intended to complement the normal contractual requirement and specification in a project. It is not intended to be used independently as working requirement and specification.

Unless specified in the project contract, safety and health designated person should not use SHASSIC to decide if the project site or parts of the project site are in accordance with requirement of the relevant Acts and Regulations or OSH Management System.

It is still the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that safety and health of the construction site conforms to legislations requirement, approved standards, code of practice, guidelines, specifications and contractual requirements.

Preferably, the assessment shall be carried out when there are different type of activities that are on going at same time (concurrent activities) and many workers of different trades are involved at the site.

It is recommended that SHASSIC assessment be carried out when the actual physical work progress had achieved or fall within 25 % to 75 %.