Standard & R&D

Standards and R&D

In aspiring to elevate the domestic construction industry in producing better products that are world-class, productive and sustainable, CIDB has put its focus on standards and R&D.


CIDB has produced Construction Industry Standards (CIS) as to standardised construction methodology and ensure its measurability for the benefit of the industry. CIDB, with the assistance of Technical Committees that represent both the public and private sectors, has published over 20 CIS.

The Standards encompasses for a wide range of areas in construction such as the national medium cost housing, quality, safety and health, IBS, treatment of timber roof trusses and many more.

The first CIS was published in 1998. Several of the CIS have undergone revisions to make it more relevant to today’s climate.

Click here to view the list of CIS that are made available for all stakeholders.


R&D in construction is vital in moving forward to a healthier, safer and better quality built environment. Understanding it importance to the industry, CIDB has invested heavily in R&D that benefits industry players and end-users simultaneously.

R&D identifies on ways to:

  • Build more efficiently while reducing costs
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Improve quality, safety and health
  • Elevate quality of life

Ensuring R&D is carried out in a focused manner, CIDB established Construction Research Institute of Malaysia, or CREAM. CIDB staff on the ground and CREAM work together to bridge the gap of academia and industry, and look for solutions on relevant construction issues.

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