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Sustainable building design and green building practices have the potential to save energy, save money and improve the quality of human habitat across Malaysia. They can also contribute to water conservation, more efficient use of raw materials, and ecosystem health around the globe. Many experts have singled out the building sector as having the most cost-effective opportunities for reducing carbon emission in fact, many building related opportunities are cost-neutral, or even cost-positive, to the building owner.



  • Increase the awareness level on sustainability and sustainable development.
  • Impart knowledge on best practices on Sustainable and Green Building practices.
  • Introduce CIDB’s MyCREST strategies in sustainable building design and construction.


Course Outcomes:

  • Understand how to plan and implement green practices in building construction works.
  • Classify active and passive design practices in green building design.
  • Encourage sustainable construction practices in building construction works.
  • Evaluate the implementation strategy in the assessment of MyCREST elements.


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Emasria Ismail

012-718 5941





General Line : 03 – 4040 0040 


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