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A Tropical Touch Of Air Wins UTM Team Grand Prize At OIC


Kuala Lumpur: The Open Ideas Competition (OIC) was running its 12th edition this year at ICW 2019. The uniqueness of this design competition is that it narrows the gap between students in the fields of architecture and civil engineering in Malaysia.



This competition is jointly organised by the Malaysian Steel Structural Association (MSSA) and CIDB Malaysia.



The theme for this year was Regional Airport Terminal and the designs were required to achieve the goal of modernisation with regards to sustainability, constructability and functionality. The students had to design showcasing steel as the main structural and finishing material.



They were required to build a model of their airport design and do a live presentation. The task was for students to make the airport terminals cost effective with the minimum use of materials. Steel being the hero of the task, the challenge was to keep decorations to the minimum.



Students were required to choose an existing airport site in Malaysia to highlight their design model.



The grand winner was Team RT0048 from UTM with their design titled ‘A Tropical Touch of Air’. They won a cash prize of RM10,000.



The team leader Julius Wang Thye Chuan said: “It has been a wonderful journey where we learnt a lot due to the practical knowledge. We did not really expect the win. Our idea was to merge traditional longhouses in a modern concept to have a home feel, from the moment people reach the airport.”



As their project started gaining momentum, they started appreciating the level of exposure and experience it gave them. The practical knowledge acquired from this experience is something Wang said he will carry with him as he moves into his internship. He expressed his gratitude towards his supervisors, friends and family who endured this journey with him. He was especially appreciative of his team members who were very dedicated and put in 100% effort into the project.



The prize giving ceremony was officiated by MSSA president, Dato’ Sri Ir. Dr. Roslan Md Taha.



The 2nd prize winner was Team RT0011 from USM with their design titled ‘Neo-Intricate Bone’, landing then RM7,000.



One of the 2nd prize winners, Ho Kar Meng, said: “We are very happy with this win. I feel like all the participants are winners because of what we have learnt over the duration of the project. Many people have helped us along during the process and we are most grateful to every one of them.”



The third place, with a cash prize of RM5,000, went to Team RT0004 with their design titled ‘Steel Tempurung’.



Lio Shu Ni, representing the team, said the win was unexpected. “The journey was well worth the hard work and stress as we were time constrained. Submission for the project was due and semester break was approaching! This certainly taught us how to work on a tight dateline and under pressure. We would like to extend our gratitude to our supervisors and teachers who taught us the methodology for analysis.” Shu Ni’s group members were satisfied at being top ten but getting 3rd place was the cherry on top of the cake.



The list of winners are as follows:-


Champions – Team RT0048 from UTM

Julius Wang Thye Chuan

Wong Sheng Yuen

Chan Kei Wern

Jonathan Chong Kin Foo

Aw Khai Hoong

Chow Zhen Nam



2nd Prize – Team RT0011 from USM

Azuary Asyraaf Abdullah

Mohd Firdaus Beddu

Muhammad Haikal Abdul Hamid

Ho Kar Meng

Nur Afiqah Azmi

Muhammad Khuzaimi Aziz



3rd Prize – Team RT0004 from USM

Lee Jing Yang Justin

Muhammad Azwan Marzuki

Siti Khadirah Abdul Kadir

Muhammad Hisham Zainal Aznam

Lio Shu Ni

Tng Kah Lok



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[March 21, 2019)


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