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Project Management For Construction Professionals Challenges Life And Accreditation


Kuala Lumpur:Two prominent Certified Construction Project Managers, Ir. Dr Muhammad Arkam Che Munaaim of Mega Jati Consult Sdn Bhd and Hiew Chee Seng of WE Project Management PLT share their experiences and thoughts in building a career path as a construction project manager, the CCPM programme by CIDB and the adoption of BIM in the construction industry.



Ir. Dr. Arkam


Building a career as a construction project manager can be challenging as it requires multiple skills. Informal training in the construction industry alone is not sufficient for one to be competent in this field. Formal training is essential to ensure the qualification of the construction project managers are up to the standard.



CIDB Malaysia is currently taking steps to certify and accredit construction project managers in compliance with the Malaysian National Competency Standard (NCS) via the CCPM programme.



There are three routes to be a certified construction project manager under this programme depending on the academic qualification and the experience possessed by the individual. The CCPM registration shall be maintained by earning the required continuous professional development (CPD) points awarded by CIDB. CIDB encourages and invites construction personnel who are interested to become project managers to apply for the CCPM Programme to become certified.



The significance of certification through this programme is to ensure improvisation of work quality at construction sites through efficient management by a qualified construction project manager. This programme also provides an avenue for the systemic accreditation of construction project managers at the national level, apart from providing recognition and career opportunities to the construction personnel.



As far as BIM is concerned, it is the future of the construction industry. This software is crucial in accelerating development within the construction industry. BIM software helps in various aspects like risk assessment & mitigation, effective time management and as well as cost management. It’s convincing to state that in five years’ time, all construction projects will be utilizing BIM software in their construction projects as the results are outstanding.



Hiew Chee Seng


Generally a construction project manager without accreditation/certification will not have a holistic understanding or knowledge of the construction industry. For instance, if there is a safety issue then the project manager will refer the problem to the safety officer or revert to the person in charge of planning if there are issues pertaining to scheduling.



Without a complete skill set, it is impossible to effectively monitor the construction project and deliver quality work. Through the CCPM programme, CIDB ensures that construction project managers are equipped with 15 essential learning packages like quality management, procurement, dispute resolution, and risk management to name a few. This standardisation mechanism ensures uniformity in the quality and competency of construction project managers produced by the Malaysian construction industry.



Currently, CIDB has collaborated with government agencies like KKR to ensure its certified project managers are part of their construction projects. So far there are 19 certified project managers working under KKR projects. CIDB is also working towards getting the CCPM programme to be accredited internationally. Project Management for Construction Professionals: Challenges, Life and Accreditation



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[March 20, 2019)


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