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MRCBS Revolutionary Building System MBS The Future Of Construction

Kuala Lumpur: Here comes a system that is one step ahead of the IBS (Industrialised Building System). This futuristic volumetric building system is introduced for the first time in Malaysia at the ICW 2019 exhibition by Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB).



According to the CCO of MRCB, Amarjit Chhina, this advanced system -called MRCB Building System (MBS) - is a combination of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) system coupled with a jointing system called the Candle-Loc Connection System.



The building components will be fabricated completely off-site and delivered to the site to be installed using the Candle-Loc Connection System, a fastening process, to form a unit. These units will then be stacked on one another and will be locked into positions to form a building. The units can be used for lower, medium and high-end developments like single storey, low rise, high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels and offices.



Here is a brief Q&A with Chhina:



Q: What are the advantages that the MBS system has over the IBS system?



One of the salient advantages of the MBS system in comparison to the IBS system is that 95% of the building works are done off-site whereas only about 30% of off-site works are done under IBS. This will consequently result in reduction of project delivery time by 30%.



In addition, the off-site fabrication of building components happens simultaneously with the site development. Upon the fabrication of the components, the modules are assembled and installed into position on site. And, the MBS doesn’t only fabricate bare walls but also the architectural fittings and interior finishes, which allows for total customisation of the units. It is time- and cost effective, minimises physical labour and also improves safety on site as most of the fabrication works happen off-site within the factory, in a controlled environment.



Q: How exactly is the MBS system going to redefine the future of the construction industry?



The existing IBS systems that are being implemented across the construction industry is an effective technique but as technology advances, there will be a need for more sophisticated systems to cater for the demands of buyers based on the latest developments.



Likewise, the MBS system is here with all the latest features of automation and is designed to create buildings quicker than ever without compromising on the overall project quality and efficiency. We can now complete construction projects within unimaginable time frames with lower cost, lesser material wastage and dependence on manpower. This system is definitely a major breakthrough and it will revolutionise the landscape of the construction industry in Malaysia.



Q: The MBS system is speedier than the IBS but is it safer?



By utilising high tech automation, the assembly of 2D precast panels into a 3D model is done with mechanised precision to ensure optimum quality. After the installation process, solid stainless-steel pins and lateral tie plates are fitted in each unit to firmly secure the modules in place. Overall, the MBS system is more efficient, faster and safer as it reduces risks and ensures safety on site. It is definitely the way forward for the construction industry.



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