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ICW2019 Tractors Malaysia Going Easy With New Tech Heavy Machinery


Kuala Lumpur: Tractors Malaysia’s Head of Regional Sales Tan Yew Koon talks about their participation in ICW 2019. The company just celebrated its 90th anniversary.



Q: Tractors Malaysia has been a long running player in the construction industry. How do you perceive the past, present and future of heavy machinery?



At present we market, rent and distribute Caterpillar’s heavy machinery in Malaysia and Brunei. We have dealership in Singapore, Australia and China. Caterpillar is the world’s largest heavy-duty machinery used at quarries and mining and its range of products is also very wide.



Recently, we launched a new generation excavator and compactor which comes with advanced technology. In the past, we had machines which did the digging which required manual labour to calculate the gradient of a slope or level of compaction. Now, we require less labour since the excavator has an in-built technology to do the computing of a gradient or compaction. This new technology was launched in August last year, with another that is going to be launched soon.



There’s no doubt that technology has helped us to increase productivity and efficiency at work. Compared to the traditional way, we are able to increase efficiency up to 45%, reduce fuel consumption by 20% and lower maintenance costs up to 15%. Technology has evolved faster in recent years and the changes are going to come more rapidly.



At the moment we still need an operator to manage the machinery but possibly in the near future we may further reduce labour cost. Previously, the operation of the machinery was more complicated and lacked many features but now it is less strenuous and simpler for the operator to handle the machinery.



Technology has also included many safety features of the machinery and this causes fewer accidents. We even have satellite-based safety which can track the equipment and if it is stolen, GPS will find the machinery for us as we have product link.



Q: Is it difficult to obtain parts and after sales service in maintaining these heavy machinery?



Previously when customers required parts, we had sales personnel to assist them with after sales service. In moving with the times, we have now set up a website, which we call Industrial Valet and we are the first to do this. Basically, we have an online purchase system although we still have personnel to assist, it is just a matter of transition.      



Q: Is the Malaysian construction industry receptive to accepting latest technology in heavy machinery?



A: We find Malaysia to be slow in adopting to the Industry 4.0. They appear to have a preference for the traditional way. There seems to be a lack of awareness as to just how much they can improve on productivity and safe cost by using the latest machinery in the market. In fact, by using the latest machinery,they can actually run the equipment for a longer time with proper maintenance. Maybe the features such as touch-screen, compact cooling system and running of the machinery is difficult for them to familiarise themselves.



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[March 20, 2019)


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