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ICW 2019 Taking The Construction Industry Forward With Drones

Kuala Lumpur:ICW 2019 has drawn top industry players to newcomers to showcase their innovations with latest industry trends. Here are a few take-aways from Cheong Jin Xi, the CEO of Poladrone Solutions, a Cyberjaya-based company that specialises in empowering heavy industries through drone-powered technology.



Q: The Poladrone story…



It started with a few guys just playing with drones and then we took it to another level. Malaysia mainly uses drones for surveillance and inspection but there is actually vast potential for its usage. Poladrone was established about three years ago and initially the plantation industry was our biggest customer. Now we have about 15 models and the price range is between RM500 – RM100,000. There are various models which can be utilised for a variety of purposes. For instance, there are features for thermal imaging, picture taking and clear visualisation at high levels. It is a visionary intelligence with elevated accuracy.



Q: How can drones help take the construction industry forward?



Construction is not our biggest player. They are only about fourth in line in terms of usage. This industry is slow to accept the fact that drones can make major changes and simplify their business. Generally, mid-level workers are open to the idea of drone usage but when the matter goes up to the management level, they would reject the idea. This is possibly due to the idea of introducing change through technology, which not many people wish to adopt. However, we do have programmes to make them aware of the advantages of using drones. Sometimes, when they see the benefits, they send their employees for training on drone usage at our academy.



Q: Can you tell us about the advancements in drone technology?



Our drones provide safety at high rise construction sites. It can enhance safety and also save cost and time. What takes a construction worker two days to achieve, the drone can complete the task in 20 minutes. If the construction site is vast, the drones can cover the distance much faster. It can gather data with time sync. The thermal imaging can actually detect cracks in external walls and is a much safer measure compared to a worker on a scaffolding. Drones can also capture pictures and this allows for a systematic scrutiny of the work progress.




Q: How do you see drones evolving and playing a bigger role in the near future?

Drones are definitely making an impact. In the three years since the formation of the company we have made breakthroughs with a number of industries. The drone technology is evolving rapidly. New models will be expected in the market even next year, what more in three years. We need to look at the analysis part where the pictures are scrutinised manually. Technology is headed towards making it function automatically and in real time. I’m quite certain many more features will be added to drones in the near future.



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[March 20, 2019)


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