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Datuk Ir. Rosaline Ganendra, Executive Director of Min Consult Sdn Bhd, was a panelist at the International Transformation Conference 2018 (ICTC), held in conjunction with International Construction Week 2018.


Here are quick three questions posed to her:


1. You have been in the construction industry for a long time. What positive changes have you noted from then to now?

Increased professionalism in the construction sector. Professionalism has to start at the very core of the industry – not only the client and the consultant, but also the contractors and suppliers. When there is professionalism at all the levels, then it is much easier to get the project implemented. Projects will be carried out on time and with the same thought process. That is the improvement that I’ve seen in the industry.


2. What other changes would you like to witness in the industry?

We have to strive for further improvements, especially in safety and health. We have a long way to go; we have to push down fatality numbers as well as the use of low level technology. There is also a need to increase and improve technology using IBS. We need a total integrated and multifaceted system such as BIM at the onset of the design stage right through the implementation and operations and maintenance.

3. Do you think there will be more women being part of the industry?

When I graduated from university, there were less than 10% women in my course. Today, not only women are getting into engineering courses , nearly two-thirds of women are graduating as well. That means there will be more women in the construction sector.


As such, the construction sector has to be in readiness for them; from the basic issues of improving the workplace (health & safety) and environmental standards to equipment that need to cater to women shapes and sizes. The reality is you already see a lot of women heading big engineering-related companies. So it is already on its way.


However, there may be an issue with retention later. The industry and relevant stakeholders must recognise that they have to be prepared to accommodate women as to retain them in the industry. For instance, the women in my company, in their child-bearing years, I give them due consideration. They may not get the highest pay nor increment because they are not the highest performer. But if you give them pay parity, promotion and some concessions, then they make excellent staff.


So the industry must be prepared.



[March 30, 2018]


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