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KUALA LUMPUR: Rofizlan Ahmad has one major aim to achieve. The CEO of CIDB E-Construct Services Sdn Bhd wants myBIM Centre to be the premier national provider of construction development solutions in Malaysia.


Civil engineer by training, Rofizlan spent years with CIDB, winning several Service Excellence Awards along the way. His contribution to spur the industry to aggressively employ IBS had seen him work tenaciously through many initiatives, including the preparation of Cabinet Papers on IBS, assisting the Minister of Works in preparing answers to parliament members, as well as guiding the unit towards an analysis of the IBS Roadmap programme, which he also helped to draft.


In fact, he has developed two blueprints for the Malaysian government in modernising the Malaysian construction industry - IBS Roadmap 2003- 2010 and IBS Roadmap 20011-2015.


"When you coordinate and execute such programmes it naturally sharpens your intermediary skills, which now comes in handy with this job," said the new CEO who has been in office for only a little more than a year.


Indeed, one of Rofizlan's key responsibilities was providing advisory services related to information technology, particularly involving myBIM Centre, to government and industry players.


E-construct Sdn Bhd assists the construction community in the area of information technology and communications to improve their contribution and competitiveness for both local and international scenes.


"We provide a gateway to the multinational business services that form business to business development and operations; in software development packages and services; in providing fully integrated ICT solution such as web portal, software, apps, consultations and training," he explained in an recent interview.


From his office at the myBIM Centre on the 11th floor of Menara Sunway Putra, Rofizlan monitors the hive of ongoing activity. The state-of-the-art myBIM Centre, besides being a centre of reference for Building Information Modelling, also provides BIM training and provides facilities with the latest BIM technology on a pay as you use basis and other services such as a showcase area, a BIM lab, a seminar room and an impressive BIM studio, all open for hire at affordable rates.


BIM is a complex multiphase process that gathers input from team members to model the components and tools that will be used during the construction process to create a unique perspective of the building process.


"BIM has the potential to avoid mistakes if a genuine planning effort between team member is carefully reviewed and shared. BIM software can break down and provide a better understanding of the construction project, that can be implemented by contractors and subcontractors," he said.


In the pipeline are plans to establish more such affordable BIM training centres around the country, including in east Malaysia. Institutes of higher learning, mainly universities in strategic locations, are the choice spots for future myBIM Centres due to existing facilities, conducive academic environment and a ready supply of learners.


"When used appropriately BIM can reduce construction time, costs and even claims. BIM helps streamline your entire project, from estimating to safety planning to implementation. In fact, BIM alone can boost a company’s efficiency by manifolds.”



[April 23, 2018]





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