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Ubm Cidb Preparing For Quantum Leap At Icw 2020


Kuala Lumpur: The two dynamic organisations have been growing from strength to strength and this year they launched the newly collated Asean Super 8 ICW, in the suitably new sprawling venue, Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre(MITEC), the nation’s largest exhibition space.


“I’m very happy to announce the Asean Super 8 ICW 2019 has ended on a very high note as we have not only achieved our target of 20,000 visitors but most likely have exceeded it. We should know in a day or two,” began M Gandhi, Group Managing Director of United Business Media [M] Sdn. Bhd when met during the last day of ICW2019.


UBM has been Malaysia’s leading events organiser for almost a decade now, owing to the formidable media group’s commitment to creating business opportunities for both local and international clients and developing a seamless trade platform for professionals to connect and do business together.


“The history of our relationship with CIDB has been fantastic. UBM first brought Ecobuild as we joined hands with CIDB’s International Construction Week [ICW]. The concept that we had from the very start was to expand the profile of the exhibition and not to strictly confine it to construction.


“In fact, the idea of the Super 8 was hatched about four years ago but we were unable to execute it as we needed a venue large enough to bring everything together, and with potential for further growth.”


The previous venue at the KL Convention Centre was limited by space to hold such a comprehensive show as Gandhi had in mind - aiming to bring everything related to the built environment under one roof.


“By the built environment I mean it’s not only the external construction but also the inner part of the building which includes features such as air-conditioning, lifts, security system etc. When someone builds a building or a city, for that matter, there are many components that are involved.


“This is where we thought of collating eight different but very relevant components and brand it Super 8. It is all linked right now making it much easier for all stakeholders, be they designers, architects or city planners.”


Gandhi put the Asean Super 8 in perspective as initially people were not sure about what Asean Super 8 with ICW was all about, since in the past it had been just Ecobuild and ICW.


UBM roped in shows running independently of each other, including Asean M&E (Premier Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Show), REVAC, Asean Lifts & Escalators, Asean Tenaga, Asean Solar, IFSEC SEA (Fire & Security), Heavy Machinery and Ecobuild Southeast Asia, to come under one umbrella with the ICW as the Asean Super 8.


“This we believe is consistent with the infrastructure development of the Asean integration strategic frameworks towards an Asean community. What this means is we are targeting the Asean market but the exhibitors can be the world. Construction is about the built environment for the benefit of the people, in this case the people of Asean,” he explained further.


MITEC’s purpose-built environment, which allows for meeting rooms to be set up within the exhibition so that people can walk in and walk out of seminars was perfect for the organisers to execute their concept.


Gandhi had planned this year’s event “as a teaser” and can now rest assured it has turned out to be a fantastic trailer. The event has been declared a major success and already UBM and CIDB are prepared to take it to the next level.


As an astute events man with decades of experience Gandhi is confident there will be a quantum leap next year.


“That’s what we foresee for sure. We’re being ambitions by already extending it to two floors for next year with MITEC! There’s a great likelihood of taking up three floors even as we’ve had very good response from exhibitors asking for more space.


“Our vision for the next three years is to bring here all the key decision makers in the built environment - to gather here in such a large scale that it becomes a must attend calendar event of the year.


“We were not able to do that previously without the size but now we can start this mission. We are ready.” 


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[March 26, 2019)


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