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Zack Lim Guru Of Concrete Floor Cracks


Kuala Lumpur: Dr. Zack Lim has decades of experience as a contractor who specialises in the business of laying premium concrete tiles. He earned his PhD in Civil Engineering while his Bachelor’s degree was in Production Engineering.


Putting his vast experience to good use - he’s not known as the Guru of Concrete Floor Cracks for nothing - and mounting frustration of seeing younger construction labourers inept in skilled labour, Lim opened the Academy of Concrete Technology (AoCT) in 2014.


Aside from being the principal of the Academy, Lim is also the founding member of Concrete Floors Asia (CFA) consisting of 11 international professional members with the objective of delivering best practices in floor construction and promoting world-class standard floors in Asia, Vice President of Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM) and council member of Asian Concrete Construction Institute (ACCI).


He spoke to CIDB website at the ICW 2019.


Q: What is Academy of Concrete Technology (AoCT)?


AoCT is all about building knowledge for the betterment of the concrete floor industry worldwide. We aim to produce well-trained, recognised and certified individuals to raise the standards of concrete knowledge with best practices. What this means is we want to increase the competency and employability of the Malaysian workforce as well as to increase opportunities for their professional growth.


Q: What are the programmes conducted at AOCT?


We run programmes all year round and we have been organising seminars in different states in Malaysia and abroad. Do check our website for information. Everyone is most welcome to join us for an exciting and fruitful session of learning but bear in mind seats are often limited. Also, all our seminars provide CCD and CPD points and are HRDF claimable. Aside from that, we run a range of fixed programmes called Essential Knowledge, on skills such as Concrete Floor Cracks, SuperFlat Concrete Floor, Concrete Mix Design, Concrete Batching Operation, Waterproofing etc. We are also collaborating partners with Universiti Teknologi MARA.


AoCT also provides the ACI (American Concrete Institution) Certification Programme. ACI is a leading authority and resource worldwide for the development and distribution of consensus-based standards and it has over 95 chapters worldwide and nearly 20,000 members spanning over 120 countries. Their certificate gives you a leading edge against the competition.


Q: What is the big advantage of being certified by AoCT?


We engage very experienced professionals, industry leaders and contractors to conduct practical workshops, courses with case studies and demonstrations with hands-on training, which is absolutely essential for school leavers, fresh graduates and capable individuals.


Q: Who would benefit most from your programmes?


School-leavers who have no plans/cannot afford further education. Those who prefer hands on work and want to learn through experience. Those who are technically inclined and want to obtain technical certifications. Fresh graduates who want to acquire essential concrete knowledge. Employees who want to further their knowledge in concrete. Concrete related companies/manufacturers, contractors who want to develop their staff with better knowledge in concrete.


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[March 22, 2019)


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