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Tech Watch Delivering Safer Society And Smarter Living Way

Kuala Lumpur: Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. Ltd. (Dahua Technology), one of the leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service providers in the world unveiled its groundbreaking smart city development engine system “Dahua Heart of City” at the ICW 2019 exhibition.


With over 54 established overseas subsidiaries and representative offices across the globe, Dahua Technology has firmly secured the international market with its smart products that are widely applied in key vertical markets such as public security, banking, traffic, retail and finance among others.


Dahua’s landmark projects include the China International Import Expo, the 28th and 29th Asean Summit, the Rio Olympics, G20 Hangzhou Summit and the Recife Subway in Brazil.


The latest smart system launched by Dahua, Heart of City, is supported by four full capabilities namely the Full Sensing, Full Intelligence, Full Computing and Full Ecosystem. It made the construction of the (1+2+N), “1 platform, 2 centers, N applications” smart city framework possible and allows for application at various levels like the city, industry and commercial levels.


Here is a brief Q&A with them:


Q: How does the (1+2+N) smart city framework operate to ensure increased benefit, efficiency and optimized experience in the urban setting?


The (1+2+N) smart city framework comprises one big data platform that uses targeted collection and acquisition of urban operations model data to generate a closed loop data value chain. This will enable data as business services and deploys computer power and storage to create the business and data modelling needed for urban operations.


The two centers consist of the city operations management center and the city security center that functions to provide a comprehensive supervision, security at several levels and overall serves as protection for all the smart city applications.


Q: What are the prominent features of the Dahua Heart of City that promises to deliver the safer society and smarter living way?


Under the Dahua Heart City, we have the Dahua HOC Safe City Solution that provides insight to the overall operations of police units, enhances operational abilities and creates an online police model that have predictive and early warning abilities that enhances the work efficiency of police operations.


There is also the Dahua HOC Smart Traffic Management Solution that incorporates traffic management tasks to enable efficient traffic control and command operations by using a “4-in-1” modern service mechanism. The Dahua HOC Smart Transportation Solution strives to improve the quality of public service by creating a comprehensive traffic data sensing to integrate transportation services.


We also have the Dahua HOC Smart Building Solution, Logistics Solution, Manufacturing, Retailing, Education, Banking & Finance and Energy solutions that all aim to build a safe, intelligent convenient and efficient society.


Q: What are the core products of Dahua Technology being retailed across the globe?


Our core products include Video IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Cloud & Big Data applications. Currently we have also launched the Imou, Dahua’s consumer brand that are designed for home and small to medium business operations. This “3-in-1” system includes Imou Cloud, smart devices and intelligent technologies that enables third party integration and is suitable to build smart IoT ecosystems.


Q: How do you find Malaysia’s response to adopting and accepting your technology and how successful have you been in Malaysia?


Compared to most countries, we find Malaysians very responsive and accepting to the technology. In fact, they source us out and they actually go on to request us to customise our products to their technology needs. Our price range is also suitable to their needs and is affordable.


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[March 21, 2019)


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