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Local Firm Goes Green With Construction Formwork

Kuala Lumpur: ENV Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a three-year-old local company based in Masai, Johor, that specialises in recyclable and environmentally friendly PVC construction board. ENV construction boards are relatively new in the market and are possibly the only ones with the concept.


Their accomplishments already include Greenland Danga Bay Johor, ITC One in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Bukit Timah First Canal Div in Singapore.


The company’s MD Lee Kiat Li shares his concept of being eco-friendly with formwork in the construction industry.


Q: This a very new and interesting concept of a recyclable and environmentally friendly PVC construction board. Tell us more…


In construction we use PVC construction board for the purpose of pouring mould into a formwork to build columns, grounding, footing and other structures of a building. Normally the formwork is made of plywood. This plywood formwork can be used for a maximum of three times. After that the plywood starts peeling and the formwork can no longer be used, which compromises the quality of the finished product. Then comes the issue of disposing the plywood which is not so easily disposable.


Now we are replacing the traditional plywood formwork with our product which is the ENV construction board. The benefits of the ENV board is that its whole process is eco-friendly. It is toxic free and 100% recyclable. After the ENV board is used, we will buy back the ENV board and from its waste, we can re-produce a new piece of ENV board. There is no waste whatsoever and there’s no question of disposal issues. We started manufacturing this since end of last year. Prior to that for two years we were doing R&D and marketing. As this is new, we need to create awareness and promote it among the construction industry.


Q: Is it cost effective to be eco-friendly with your ENV construction board?


It is definitely cost effective. Our ENV construction board costs about RM170 a piece. Plywood of the same size costs RM70 but it can only be used about three times before the wood starts peeling and the texture of the formwork is lost as the plywood starts to stick to the mould. Comparatively, ENV boards can be used for a minimum of 20 times repeated usage of concrete casting with no damage to the cast or texture of the mould. Moreover, when formwork made from plywood is demoulded, you need to use mould oil. For ENV board, mould oil is not necessary at all. We also re-purchase the ENV board and pay RM30 for the waste, which goes a long way towards cost saving.


Q: What are the other benefits of ENV boards that would attract construction industry stakeholders?


ENV boards are 100% waterproof and are weather resistant, so the formwork quality is not compromised come rain or shine. It is also user-friendly and can work well with saw, nail and drill at the same time are compatible with other materials such as wood, steel, aluminium and plastic. ENV boards can also be custom made to suit requirements.


Q: What does the future hold for ENV boards?


There’s much that can be done and in our next phase of development we plan to use our ENV boards to replace plywood in the making of furniture. This will be our next phase and we project to do this in a year’s time.


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[March 21, 2019)


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