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ICTC 2019 How We Build The Future According To Cscec Md Lyu En`

Kuala Lumpur:The International Construction Transformation Conference (ICTC) 2019 started off on a scintillating scale with the first session on the theme ‘Reinventing Construction: How we build the future’.


Moderated by AR Saifuddin Ahmad, the ICTC had three speakers- Lyu En, the Managing Director of China State Construction Engineering [M] Sdn. Bhd. (CSCEC); Sam Stacey, the Challenge Director UKRI and Chang Bar Kuei, Director of SANY Construction Industry Development (M).

Kick-starting the conference was Lyu En who began by sharing CSCEC’s ideas and innovations on construction technology.

“My first reaction when I was told about today’s topic was what a really big subject matter this is,” began the managing director of the largest construction and real estate conglomerate in the world.

CSCEC is also number 23 in the global Fortune 500 and consistently number 1 in Engineering News Record Rating (Fitch Ratings, Moody, Standard and Poor).

Lyu En went on with his presentation by addressing the challenges affecting modern construction and providing viable solutions, mainly as undertaken by CSCEC.

CSCEC is also the developer of Malaysia’s The Exchange 106 project (formerly TRX Signature Tower), set to be the country’s tallest high-rise structure upon its completion.

Challenges and solutions

Lyu En highlighted the biggest challenges facing the industry as



1) shortage of labour

2) shorter construction duration

3) complexity and difficulty of construction

4) higher requirement of green technology and

5) cost control

1. Shortage of labour


The biggest solution for this is Industrial Building System (IBS) based on Building Information Modelling (BIM), said Lyu En. “It’s good to note how far Malaysia has already brought into practice the use of IBS on site, particularly by focusing on precast concrete components. In CSCEC we believe in modularization of components and for this we must work together with governments to do it on a standardised basis, taking into consideration aspects such as flexibility, different weather, culture and cost.”

2. Shorter construction duration


The solution is smart construction. “Smart construction includes on-site management, material management, schedule management, business management, construction training and green technology for environmental protection. This is once again based on BIM as we increasingly look at the Digital Processing Technology such as the Virtual Construction Technology and Intelligent Monitoring such as the Pit Monitoring System for example to increase precision and efficiency.”

3. Complexity and difficulty of construction


Lyu En talked about New Building Material and building material innovation such as self-healing concrete, self-repairing and regeneration and use of microfiber and polycarbonate panels as the solution.

4. Higher requirement of green technology


Innovation of equipment focused on speed and safety is the best solution, said Lyu En. In an industry that is mega projects driven, where it is all about high-rise structures, CSCEC has a working platform specific for high-rise buildings. Among the examples cited by Lyu En included high bearing capacity, integrated platform and vertical transportation using the innovative equipment such as the Multi-cage Hoist (rail power supply, switching system, centralised despatch control), Rotary Tower Crane (save climbing, space and cost) and Vertical Escape Device (magnetic sliding pole).

5. Cost control


Lyu En explained that Construction Management is the key factor to providing a solution for cost management.

He concluded his presentation by sharing a video on the company’s philosophy and how it plans to take the industry forward.

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[March 18, 2019)


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