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  • According to Section 34 (1) of the CIDB Act 520:

    “Every contractor shall declare and submit to the Board, in the manner as may be prescribed by the Authority, any contract which has been awarded to it on any construction work”

    From July 4, 2017, all construction work declarations must be made online via the following link

    The contractor has to upload the Letter of Award for the related project. 

    If the project is eligible for levy, the Levy Imposition Notification Form (Form CIDB L2) will be generated by the system online and the contractor must settle the levy payment within the specified period of liability. 

    Failure to declare construction work and fail to pay levy within a period prescribed by the Board is an offense under Act 520. 

  • Duty to Declare and Inform Construction Work

    Each contractor must declare and submit to CIDB, in the manner determined by CIDB, any construction work contract that is awarded to him.


    The contractor is someone who is executing or completing or undertaking to carrying out or completing any construction work. Any person(s) awarded or have completed any contract for construction work, or undertook the task to execute, manage or complete any construction work, or has executed, managed or completed any construction work is characterized as a contractor unless proven otherwise.


    Construction Work
    Construction work refers to the construction, extension, installation, repair, maintenance, renewal, transfer, modification, alteration, renovation or demolition of :


    1. construction of any building, big buildings, structure, wall, fence or chimney, whether constructed wholly or partly above or below ground level;
    2. any road, harbor works, railway, cableway, canal or aerodrome;
    3. any drainage, irrigation or river control works;
    4. any electrical works, mechanical, water, gas, petrochemical or telecommunication; or
    5. any bridges, flyover, dams, reservoir, earthworks, pipeline, sewer, aqueduct, culvert, drive, shaft, tunnel or reclamation work, and including

      1. any works which form an important and integral part of or are preparatory to or temporary for the works described in paragraphs (1) to (5), including site clearance, soil investigation and improvement, earth moving, excavation, laying of the stone foundation, site restoration and landscaping; or
      2. procurement of construction materials, necessary equipment or labor for any works described in paragraphs (1) to (5).


    Time Frame
    Contractors are required to declare and inform CIDB on any construction work within 14 days of being awarded the construction work or before the project is executed or whichever comes first.

    Methods to Declare and Inform Construction Works

    Contractors are required to fill in the Construction Work Notification Form, which is the CIDB L1/96 Form (Amended 1/ 2003) and attach together supporting documents, which are the:

    1. Acceptance Letter / Letter of Award; or
    2. Contract signed by both parties; or
    3. Whatever document related to the contract acceptance or completion on the said construction work. 


    There are two ways to declare and inform construction work contracts to CIDB, that is via:

    1. Manual
    Contractor can fill in the CIDB L1/96 (Amended 1/2003) Form in writing and submit with supporting documents to CIDB State/Branch office according to the project’s state location.

    2. Online System
    Contractor can also declare the construction project using the online system through this link( Upon completing the information, contractor is requested to submit supporting documents with the Letter Accompanying the Supporting Documents within 7 working days through one of the following methods: 

    1.  Fax
      Please fax in the documents to the CIDB State/Branch where the construction project is located. 
    2.  E-Mail
      Contractor can email a copy of the scanned document to the CIDB State/Branch where the construction project is located. 
    3. Post/ Hand Delivered
      Completed CIDB L1/96 Form (Amended 1/ 2003) must be printed and submitted to the respective CIDB State/ Branch office.

    *Note: Accompanying Letter for Supporting Documents is displayed on the Project List menu or final page after delivering information on construction works online. The Accompanying Letter for Supporting Documents automatically submits office address, telephone no., fax no. and the email of the CIDB State/Branch responsible.

  • Levy Rate
    A levy of 0.125% is applied to total construction work contracts that exceeds five hundred thousand ringgit. The total contract amount includes GST at 6%.


    Fee Review
    Contractor can review the required amount of payment through the Levy Imposition Notification Form, that is the CIDB L2/96 Form. Contractor can also print the CIDB L2/96 Form, review the levy payment status and list of construction works that was notifed to CIDB online through this link.


    Payment Period
    Levy payment must be settled within 30 days from the date CIDB L2/96 Form is released.


    Payment Method
    Contractor is required to fill the Levy Payment Form* and pay the levy amount imposed at any CIDB State/Branch finance counter using:

    1. Postal Order;
    2. Banker’s Cheque;or
    3. Bank Draft**.

    * The Levy Payment Form is enclosed with the CIDB L2/96 form and can be printed online while reviewing the levy status.
    ** Payment for items (2), (3) and (4) shall be made payable to Construction Industry Development Board or CIDB Malaysia.


    Levy Exemption*

    Levy exemption is given to housing projects such as below:

    1. Low, Mid and Low Mid Cost Housing projects with selling price not exceeding RM100,000.00 per unit. 
    2. Housing Projects that use over 50% of the Industrialized Building System components.


    *Note: Levy exemptions are subjected to fixed terms and conditions. Please contact the Levy Unit at the relevant CIDB State/Branch office for more information.


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  • Failure to Declare Construction Contracts
    Contractors face a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit if they do not declare and submit the construction contracts awarded or do not fully disclose all the facts and liability circumstances to pay the levy to CIDB.


    Notice of Demand
    Notice of Demand will be issued to contractors who fail to pay the levy within the (30 days) liability period from the date the CIDB L2/96 form is issued. All ongoing registration will be halted upon the release of the Notice of Demand. In addition to the levy payment, the conrtactor is also subjected to legal fees of one hundred and fifty ringgit. Contractor must settle the payment within 21 days from the date the Notice of Demand is issued to avoid disciplinary and legal action.


    Disciplinary Actions
    Contractor is also subjected to their registration receiving disciplinary action if they fail to pay the levy, namely:

    1. Contractor Registration being Suspended
    2. Contractor Registration being Revoked
    3. Contractor Registration being Cancelled


    Court Actions
    Contractor faces legal court action, that is being fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or four times the amount of the levy that requires payment or any penalty that is higher should any of the levy is not paid withn the period set by CIDB.


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