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IBS Info Gallery

Opened its doors in 2008, the gallery houses various information on IBS in the form of educational posters, printed publications, multimedia publications, models of IBS Buildings and samples of products.

The gallery is divided into six main sections -Background, IBS Technology, IBS Case Studies, IBS Policies and Incentives, IBS Centre and IBS Timeline.


IBS Component Gallery


komponen ibs


The gallery showcases the flexibility of IBS construction, using IBS for regenerating existing buildings, as well as creating new ones.

It also highlights the full scale of IBS components currently available in the Malaysian market as well as serving as an IBS reference centre for designers, contractors and the general public.

In addition, the IBS score factor for each of the components and examples of IBS score calculation are also shown here. The gallery is divided into six main zones - Blockwork system, Steel-framing syatem, Precast concrete system, Formwork system, Timber framing system and other prefabricated construction components.


  • Zone: Blockwork system
2. Blockwork Zenbes Sdn Bhd Blockwork system


  • Zone: Formwork system
Formwork system SBG Asia Pacific M Sdn Bhd Metal Formwork EFCO M Sdn Bhd


  • Zone: Timber framing system
Door Timber panel


  • Zone: Precast component system
Precast wall panel Precast slab for toilet


  • Zone: Steel frame system
Roof truss Steel framing system


  • Zone: Other prefabricated components
Sandwich Panel Cycle World Corporation Sdn Bhd Toilet pod Eastern Pretech M Sdn Bhd


IBS Show Village

The IBS Show Village presents three hybrid IBS dwelling structures that include a bungalow, an apartment and a unit of terrace house. The three buildings were originally designed and constructed based on Open Building principles and IBS components. The structures were retained at the grounds of IBS Centre and established as the IBS Show Village Units for promotion and training purposes.

  • Bungalow unit - uses lightweight and interlocking precast concrete blocks.
  • Terrace house unit – features formworks systems as main structural IBS construction solutions.
  • Apartment unit – details precast concrete load bearing walls and extensively used beams and columns.

Other IBS components that were used in the construction of the dwelling structures include steel & timber roof trusses, drywalls and bathroom pod.

All IBS showhouse units achieved high IBS scores.


1. Apartment Unit
1. Terrace Unit


1. Front View
4. Ground Floor


6. Kitchen Area
5. Master Bedroom


IBS Testing Facilities (Makmal Kerja Raya Malaysia)

This is a full scale heavy structural engineering laboratory. Makmal Kerja Raya Malaysia is managed by Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM), the research and development (R&D) arm of CIDB.

Makmal Kerja Raya Malaysia is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art testing facilities and equipments to support the R&D works related to IBS components and building materials.

Simultaneously, it also provides testing facilities for full scale structural component which are not available elsewhere. In addition to being a research testing laboratory, it also functions as an accreditation agency, which help serve the construction industry by providing calibration and specialised testing services.

The main facilities of Makmal Kerja Raya include 15m wide by 26m long reaction floor, 6m long by 6m high reaction wall, 2000kN universal testing machine, 200kN dynamic testing machine, static actuators with a maximum capacity of 2000kN, 300kN dynamic actuator and concrete compression machine with a maximim capacity of 5000kN.

The facilities enables structural tests to be performed on real-sized IBS structures, model, prototype buildings, bridges, girders and other IBS components.

With the erection of the reaction wall, a combined loading system, i.e., vertical and horizontal on structural element can be conducted. Durability tests and dynamic strenght properties of components can also be determined apart from typical construction materials tests such as tensile, compression, bending, shear and pull-out-test.

Makmal Kerja Raya is the first laboratory in the country to introduce the usage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in its concrete compression testing facalities. This is part of its total quality control for concrete testing to support the development of construction industry.


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