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Increase emphasis on quality and implement quality assessments.


Initiative Overview


The CITP proposes the improvement of quality standards by increasing implementation of quality assessments such as the QLASSIC. This system assesses contractor workmanship and broader quality assurance for construction of buildings, which lead to improvements in quality of both contractors and overall construction work.


Additionally internationally-recognised quality certifications (e.g. ISO 9000) are encouraged to further emphasise the importance of quality, especially when highlighting the G8 Contractor qualification.




Q1-006 - 500 accredited QLASSIC assessors produced by QA 2018


Q1-007 - More than 50% of public building projects completed annually by G7 contractors achieve a minimum QLASSIC score of 70 by Q4 2020


Q1-111 - More than 50% of private residential projects with contract sum exceeding RM10m completed annually to achieve a minimum QLASSIC score of 70  by Q4 2020


Q1-112 - Minimum of one qualified QLASSIC assessor for every G7 contractor undertaking building projects by end of 2019


Q1-113 - Minimum of one Site Supervisory Staff (SSS) for public building projects trained on QLASSIC by 2020


Q1-133 - 20 key developers adopt guideline for minimum QLASSIC score of 70 in their contractual requirement for residential projects by 2019


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