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Quality remains one of the most important parameters in construction, alongside time and cost. However, quality is subjective and it is difficult to quantify.


CIDB, with working groups consisting of public and private stakeholders, in 2005, have put together a construction industry standard or CIS on the base quality requirement for the industry.


The outcome is called Quality Assessment System for Building Construction Works or QLASSIC (CIS 7:2006). The standard has been improved and enhanced according to the construction climate today (CIS 7:2014).


The Quality team focuses on various activities to promote quality in construction:

  • Assessment
  • Training – assessor
  • Seminars – awareness of QLASSIC
  • Assessor accreditation
  • Education – industry players and the public

Industry players are encouraged to adopt QLASSIC to ensure quality in their projects.


For more information can contact: 

1. En. Syed Hazni Abd Ghani

2. En Mohammad Darsuki Lahat

3. En Muhammad Helmyyuzzi Hamid


Address :

                   Centre for Quality Assurance and Certification (CQAC),

                   Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM),

                   Makmal Kerja Raya,Malaysia, CIDB Wilayah Persekutuan,1st Floor,

                   Block E, Lot 8, Jalan Chan Sow Lin 55200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


No Tel       :  03 - 9281 0800

No. Faks :  03 - 9282 4800

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